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Summer Style Train: 1 Week, 8 Pieces

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

I’m going to tell you that I’m enjoying my break.

But as I am writing this post weeks before you are seeing it…

Who knows?

Something I do know is that even the best planned wardrobe can feel a little stale sometimes. Especially when we try to do more with less.

I’m a firm believer that of the best antidotes to banish stale is a Style Challenge!

After the Style Splash group completed their 31 Days, I threw in a few extra style exercises for anyone who wanted to work more on their style. (By popular demand, there will be another Style Splash this fall!) One of those was to choose a style challenge and share it in the group. Splasher Andrea chose a Style Train and inspired me to do the same!

Style challenges all have a common thread… Limitations. Because TBPH, constraints make us more stylish! I know that doesn’t sound right, but they do. It’s MacGyver style! Or to quote Teddy Roosevelt: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

We all have habits and can get into ruts. A challenge can help us break out of that rut and try new combinations that we might not have imagined!

I’m thinking this Style Train might morph into a 10X10…

If it does, you’ll be the first to know!

What’s a Style Train?

It’s a style challenge in which you take one item from your outfit on Day 1 and repeat it on Day 2. Then, like cars on a train, each outift links to the previous day by repeating an item. You’ll see!

Day 1

It was Bastille Day and I decided to channel my inner French femme… I know, not everyone is comfortable pairing black with navy. I’m good with it; you don’t have to be!

Repeating the top leads me to…

Day 2

I recently watched the film Coco Before Chanel and all the black and white got to me! And the pearls! I’m getting a head start on the F/W Trends.

After dinner, we went to the ball game, so I traded my jeans for shorts and heels for flats. I’m all about keeping it as simple as I can. Yes, I did wear all those pearls to the game…

The next day, I never got out of my PT gear. We went over to our son and DIL’s new house to help them prep for painting…

Day 3

Rebelled against taking the photo on Sunday. I wore this until it was time for church and then I slipped off the jeans.

Day 4

Repeated the dress from Sunday and switched out the accessories. Went for a little metal mixing…

Day 5

This turned into an awkward decision. I didn’t want to wear the dress for a third day in a row; it needs a good airing, but what to do? There wasn’t a clothing piece to repeat! So I backed up and chose the shorts from Friday night since jeans would be too hot for the day.

And I repeated the shoes and bag for good measure. This was originally meant to be a 5 Day Challenge, but it doesn’t feel finished yet! If I continue, tomorrow will be a reprise of the polka dot top. And what with it? Hmmm…

Day 6

Weather challenges! It was so dark and rainy that I had to leave on the porch light (Hence the bizarre shadows.) and couldn’t put my tripod out in its usual spot.

Note: Channeling fall vibes (Again!) with the green pearls I found at the consignment shop last time I popped in to pick up my check! (That’s how they get you, you know.) Wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. I could cycle back and wear the black top from Day 1 with these white jeans… We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow!

Day 7

I’ve been missing my navy polka dots! So polka dot blouse it is! Today, paired with matchy blush earrings and sandals.

Here’s a couple of the deets, because I can’t resist an earring/shoe match! (How do you feel about matchy?)

Looking back, I count 8 Pieces, here and many more outfits I could make. Jeans Shorts + Black Top, Jeans Shorts + Navy Polka Dot Top, White Jeans + Black Top, Leopard Dress + White Jeans and Polka Dot Skirt + Navy Polka Dot Top. Note to self: This would make a great trip pack!

How About You?

Do you ever challenge your style? What kind of Style Challenges do you prefer? What have they taught you? (Because I am ALL about that growth mindset…) Do tell, I love to hear from you… And yes, I am popping in while on vaycay to check comments and respond!

Stylishly yours,


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