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Summer Styled for Fall

Volume 3: Denim Shirt & Colored Shorts

Happy day, reader dear!

Thank you for visiting! If this is your first time here, Welcome, and feel free to take a look around! If you are returning, Thank YOU! It’s lovely to see you again! Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you’re drinking these days) and settle in for a quick chat… What have you been up to since last time?

Me? I’ve been busy getting together my fall capsule wardrobe. Yes, I know it’s early; fall won’t be here (legally) for a few more weeks, but I don’t care. I’m sick of summer and am ready for a style shift. Yes, many of the pieces I have included in my fall capsule are year ’round items, or are carryovers from summer. The next few weeks won’t be so much about the pieces, but about how they are styled!

That’s what this September mini-series is all about. Restyling summer looks to make them work for our not-so-autumnal fall weather. So let’s get REstyling! Here’s our third look… From our summer Staycation “in Capri!”

Summer Style


The denim blouse has made it into every capsule wardrobe since I bought it the last time we visited Arizona. (Wow. Spring of 2019 never felt so far away…) The shorts were a last minute addition to my summer capsule. They were inexpensive and aren’t wearing particularly well. (They need shaving after every wash!) They’ve been in heavy rotation since work-from-home became my (And many others’) new M.O.

I will keep the blouse and shorts, but these super summery accessories must shift! A leather bag will feel more substantial and less holiday than the straw tote, and the white beads need to be replaced. The sandals? That depends on the heat. I could see the sandals now, some closed flats later, and if I had tights the color of the shorts, I’d LOVE tights and shorts with booties! So how will I wear these two pieces for fall?

Fall Restyle

Because I couldn’t leave well enough alone… Here’s a look without the scarf. If it’s hot enough that I don’t want a scarf, I probably don’t want closed shoes either! I would probably wear the sandals from summer’s look with the outfit below!

So how about you? What are you loving this fall? Are you restyling any of your summer looks? Which look do you prefer? The scarf look? Or necklaces? I ended up wearing the first version on our recent daytrip to Tybee and Savannah!

Do let me know if there’s an outfit you want to see REstyled for fall! Hugs to you and yours!

Stylishly yours,

It was a windy day at the beach!


  • Lise

    I am for the necklaces. This summer I have been wearing a bunch of long necklaces all at once some evenings going out. Something I have not done for years as I have really been off necklaces in general. Interesting how our style sweet spots change and often return. That is why I don’t get rid of much unless it is worn out. Hence the huge wardrobe and jewellery drawer!

    • Liz K

      I have a LOT of jewelry, top, but keep most of it in a storage box on the floor of my closet. You’re right, it is interesting (I might even say fascinating.) how our style sweet spots change, come, and go! I think it’s a combination of personal style, the trends, and the season of life we are living. Right now, I need TONS of clear space. Space in my closet, space in my mind, space in my home, and this is playing out in more simplicity. I can’t wait to hear how the necklaces fare as the seasons change! Do keep me posted!

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