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Summer Styled for Fall

Volume 4: Denim Blouse & Black Jeans

Happy day, dearest reader!

I hope and pray you are safe and sound. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, we’ve got wildfires and hurricanes. Trifecta. I’m no pessimist, but I can understand those who think this smacks of the end-times… But human nature is resilient and we’ve been through all of this before. We just need to learn the lessons history teaches and take care of each other. Simple, yes. Hard, yes. No one said simple is easy!

On a cheerier note, this will be the last of the Summer Styled for Fall series. (Is that a cheerier note? Let me know!) Maybe you want to see more of these posts; if so, I can make that happen! I know the boss; I’ve got connections… The intention of this series was to take summer looks and “translate” or restyle them to fall without adding layers or warmth. Because where we (and an awful lot of you readers) live, we will have summer temps for at least another month. Yes, there will be some cool mornings and evenings, but the days will still be far too warm for sweatery layers, tights, and cozy scarves. (Alas! Swooning with back of hand on forehead…)

Back to it! What are we REstyling today? Take a peek…

Summer Style

What really made this outfit for me wasn’t the clothes, but the accessories!


The two base pieces are shoe-ins. They have made the cut for all my capsules the past few seasons and are in my Fall 2020 Capsule as well. Since this outfit is all about the accessories, that’s where I need to keep my focus. These white and gold pieces are lovely, but most of them are stored away for me to fall in love with again.

I need something more moody. I could go dark (Think: wine suede wedges), but the jewelry I would pair with those (Beauty Bundle-wise) is very dainty and light. Not the kind of effect I’m looking for. What other options do I have? Not as many as I thought… I think I need to keep my eyes open for some wine beads! I released two wine necklaces that weren’t serving me anymore. One was too dark and browny for my coloring, and the other too shiny. (High shine isn’t so swell on my more textured and less bright and shiny complexion.)


Rather than dark baubles, I decided to opt for rosy tones. Not light, but burnished to give the look more a fall feel. Rose golds, brass, hematite, pewter. They all feel more autumnal than the white and gold. Rose gold d’Orsay pumps and a pewter clutch finish the look! (Yes, some of us will wear metallic pumps with jeans. Even for daytime!)

I love neutral denims: blue denim, white denim, grey denim, tan denim, olive denim, and yes–even black denim! I’m not as much of a fan of colored denim, but that might be different if my personal color contrast was higher! I would love this top and these accessories paired with my trusty old Levi’s once the weather cools a bit. Then I’ll get a column of color, to boot!

So how about you? Are you a denim lover? Or does denim leave you cold? Are you transitioning into fall or spring? Is the season you’re entering one you like to dress for? Or is it a struggle? Have you found these Restyle posts helpful? What would you like to see styled? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you! XO

Stylishly yours,

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