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Summer Styled for Fall

Volume 1: Denim Shirt & Crops

Happy day, reader dear!

And welcome to the new ClosetPlay.Biz Friday Series, Summer Styled for Fall! I’ll be perfectly honest here. This series idea comes from a post I wrote back when the blog was in its infancy, 3 Fall Style Tips.

That post was a mish-mash of some tips to create a fall vibe when your weather doesn’t cooperate, and some F/W trends that year. This series will focus on applying those tips to restyle actual outfits and will, for the most part, ignore the runway trends. (Don’t worry, they’ll make it into another post!)

I caught sight of the image below while cruising for a weather report, and thought I might not be the only needing some fall style inspo. It looks like everyone will be needing some help getting that autumnal feeling, so please Pin at will, and be sure to share with anyone complaining about the heat!

So… Where shall we begin? Let’s start like a regular Style/Restyle post and pick a summer outfit. How about this one? I wore this at the beginning of summer, before the heat kicked in, and long before I could get a haircut. Hence the headscarf!

Summer Style

Here’s a couple of the deets! This headscarf ( #gift Thank you Patty of ScarfShack!) has perfect colors for fall, so that will definitely be part of the restyle.


I am no slave to the no white shoes (or jeans) after Labor Day rule. As a matter of fact, I usually flout it just because it’s a rule. (That would be the little bit of Rebellious in me.) But since we are going for a fall vibe, let’s choose some richer colors.

Fall Restyle

We’re keeping the blouse, headscarf, and the jeans, now dyed blue in honor of the new season. (AND to cover some stains that stubbornly refused to remove themselves…) To play off more autumnal colors, I’ll swap the white sandals for a wine-y red, and the silver earrings and bracelet for gold tones. The watch stays the same. Because that watch and I have a LONG history. (I bought it in 1997 or 8…) Let’s see how that looks!

(I forgot the watch! Alas!)

And VOILA! An outfit with the same basic pieces and construction, with some color tweaks to help channel fall without overheating. No pumpkin spice needed. Unless of course, PSL rocks your world. Then be my guest! Note to self: Buy new Stbx Gift Card for D-i-L. I could tie the scarf in my hair again, or around my neck. AND if I felt like closed toes were the texture of the day, I’d go for green snake, wine suede, or blue suede slingbacks! (Yes, you are getting a sneak peek into the shoes in my fall capsule!)

So how about you? What season are you entering? Are you looking forward to it? Or dreading the coming change? What is your favorite season to dress for? What challenges does that season present? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Hi Liz, your shoe capsule looks fun! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons for clothing and weather. This Fall I am planning on keeping a similar vibe as Spring/Summer as I have been wearing traditional Fall colors in S/S, ie, rust, olive and camo. Will replace shorts with longs, linen blazer with suede blazer, etc. These colors are new to me and still loving them.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    You have the best kerchiefs or little scarves. I keep saying I am going to order one…but this time I am really going to order one. I like the way the change of trouser takes this outfit into fall. Along with the wine sandals. Perfect Indian Summer look!!

    • Liz K

      I can’t wait to see what you choose! And boy, don’t we have Indian Summer… Although it dropped into the low 70’s last night. It was really lovely!

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