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All or Nothing Style

AKA: Where ARE you going in that? Happy day, reader dear! There's something that's been bothering me, so I thought I'd think it through here. I should apologize now. This may get soap-box-y. In many ways, modern culture appears to be on an All-or-Nothing train headed toward a precipice. No middle ground. Anywhere. In many… Continue reading All or Nothing Style

Style and Styling

9 Ways to Style: A Red Top

Closet Playing with a Red Polka Dot Top... Happy day, reader dear! It seems like just yesterday that I posted my Winter Capsule. Okay, not yesterday, but it was only a week ago... And as I looked through the video, and stared at it on the rack, there was one small problem. SOOOOO many neutral… Continue reading 9 Ways to Style: A Red Top

Capsule Wardrobing

Summer Capsule Favorites

Happy day, dear reader! Flat out apologies for a last minute, thrown together post. I had another post, but was altogether unhappy with the negative and snarky 'tude it was taking, so I changed tack completely and decided to focus on something that makes/made me happy. With that proviso, allow me to roll out my… Continue reading Summer Capsule Favorites

Style and Styling

5 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

Warm Weather Edition! Happy day, reader dear! This is an odd post for me to be writing... I was never much of a shirt dress fan. Don't get me wrong; I loved how shirt dresses looked... On mannequins, on everyone else, but just not on me. I bet that happens to you, sometimes. You love… Continue reading 5 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

Travel & Packing

April Trip Packing: Chicago

Happy day, dear reader! The lovely lady to my right is Delby Bragais, a Fashion Designer AND Image Consultant! This month I was lucky enough to take two trips! I say lucky, because I LOVE to travel, but if you don't, just substitute "unfortunate." Rather than make this a War and Peace post, I'll tackle… Continue reading April Trip Packing: Chicago

Capsule Wardrobing

Mid-Season Capsule Update

Happy day, reader dear! April 15 is a big day! No, I don't mean tax day. It's mid April, so that means it's time for the spring capsule update with what's working, what's not, lessons learned, and maybe some other random lightbulb moments. Just as an aside, please feel free to Pin any of the… Continue reading Mid-Season Capsule Update

Capsule Wardrobing

5 Times a Capsule Wardrobe Can Save the Day

Capsule Wardrobes are NOT Just for Minimalists. Happy day, dear reader! I hope your day is going swimmingly! "Welcome Back!" Or plain old "Welcome!" if this is your first visit. Thanks for coming to see me today! I hope you find your time here well spent. I blog on a variety of topics, mostly about… Continue reading 5 Times a Capsule Wardrobe Can Save the Day

Capsule Wardrobing

Colorful Capsules

Happy day, dear reader! I'm working on a few "best of" type posts together for your amusement whilst I take a break. (If I'm writing this, it's really not a break, is it?) Oh well! I often hear complaints that capsule wardrobes are boring, because many of the ones you see out in bloglandia are… Continue reading Colorful Capsules

Wardrobe 101

Off the Shoulder!

Happy day, dear reader! It is hard to go anywhere this past year without falling all over the off-the-shoulder (or it's younger sister the cold-shoulder) top, tunic, or dress. They are absolutely everywhere! They are cute. They are sassy. They show off a body part that stays appealing longer than many others as we age.… Continue reading Off the Shoulder!