• Money & Style

    What is Sustainable Style?

    Is it Sustainable Fashion? Happy day, reader dearest! One of the odd things about writing a blog… You write. Life happens. And sometimes the two tangle. Lots of life is like that. Bits and pieces. Crossing over. Getting tangled. Sometimes…

  • Fashion Show Runway Woman in Pantsuit
    Wardrobe 101

    What’s With Fashion Seasons?

    Vacation post… Happy day, dear reader! August in the South is all about trying to stay cool, and for me part of cool means taking a blogging break. In case you need a little style and fashion fix, I am…

  • Money & Style

    Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

    Cost Per Wear (CPW) and Why It Matters Happy day to you, fabulous reader! Alert: This post unleashes my financial responsibility geek. (Which many find to be an oxymoron combined with style blogger!) When I am getting to know a…

  • Wardrobe 101

    Split Personality Wardrobe

    Happy day, dear reader! I was talking to a woman at the mall last week (People talk to me everywhere I go. I’m approachable. What can I say?) who was complaining that her closet is schizophrenic. Clearly, her closet cannot…

  • Fads, Trends, Classics: 2017
    Wardrobe 101

    Fads, Trends, and Classics

    When you look at the thousands of items of clothing available, it can be hard to decide what to buy. Do you want an item that will be out of style by next year, or something that will be a…