• Accessories

    Statement Earrings

    Happiest of days to you, my dear reader! Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past four or five months, I’ll wager you’ve noticed the statement earring trend. I overheard a man at the big box store say that…

  • Wardrobe 101

    Jeans Everyday?

    Good day. Whew, it’s been a wild ride. Please pardon my neglect! My mother returned home after a long hospital stay, and then we were hosting visitors for Thanksgiving. What a couple of weeks! So much so that I wore…

  • Style and Styling

    What Makes an Outfit Work (Part 2)

    So how does one put What Makes an Outfit Work (Part 1) into practice? Lots of trial and error, until it becomes second nature. Here’s an example… Personality I have a pretty out-there personality. I am friendly, mostly direct, and not…

  • Style and Styling

    X Body Shape

    In a previous post, I talked a bit about the different women’s body shapes, and how body shape has to do with your skeleton, and with how your “meat” is attached to those bones.  To determine body shape, we look at…

  • Color


    Pink, or purple? It’s neither! I’ll take magenta. More grown up than bubblegum pink, not as moody as purple, less in-your-face than red, but never overlooked. Feminine, assertive, and adult.

  • Wardrobe 101

    Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Makeover

    Elizabeth (Not Liz. Please.) is creative, feminine, and relaxed. She loves options and unusual color combinations. She doesn’t want to be boxed into a particular style. Her work has a relaxed business dress code. Weekends, she ferries the children to…