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    Style Tips to Look Thinner

    Happy day, lovely reader! I think the number one question I am asked is “How can I look more slender?”(Its corollary is “How can I look taller?”) These two are related since if you look taller, you look skinnier, and…

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    Style and Styling

    5 Tips to Look More Stylish

    Back in December, a reporter from our local paper asked me for three tips to look more stylish without leaving the house. After some digging, I discovered he meant without spending any money, although I can do that without leaving…

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    Why just for special occasions?

    Here we are, smack dab in the middle of June. Wedding season. And beautiful brides everywhere are slipping into the only custom fitted item they will ever wear. I know, every bride wants to look stunning, and unforgettable on her…