Pantone Colors: Spring/Summer 2020

Cooling Off after Seasons of Warmth! Happy day, dear reader! Now that we are heading into the coldest part of winter (in our area), let's take a peek forward to spring and summer. Well, at least to color for spring and summer! Twice yearly, the color sages at Pantone give us their prediction for the… Continue reading Pantone Colors: Spring/Summer 2020

Style and Styling

2019 Style Review

Favorite Outfits of 2019 Happy end of the year, reader dear! (Oooh! Rhyming!) I don't know where you stand on 2019; if it was a great year, or one you can't wait to see the back of... I have quite a few friends in the latter camp. I'm in the former, if for no other… Continue reading 2019 Style Review

Capsule Wardrobing

2019 Winter Capsule

Happy day, reader dear! Welcome to December! And to a new season's capsule wardrobe. After fall's sartorial adventures, I need some rest. And for me, rest means back to basics, my kind of basics. Heavy on the neutrals and built around columns of color. If this is your first visit, Welcome! My name is Liz.… Continue reading 2019 Winter Capsule

Capsule Wardrobing

Fall Capsule Debrief

Happy day, reader dear! If you are in the US, I pray you have survived the holiday intact, and are planning to enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you are missing the chaos of Black Friday, or if that's your brand of fun, that you have returned home victorious and are enjoying a nice cup of something… Continue reading Fall Capsule Debrief

Capsule Wardrobing

Fall 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check-In

Happy day, reader dear! Whew! After a fall that felt like it might never arrive, it's finally here! How's your fall (Or spring!) going? One of my biggest struggles this fall has been with my specs. I have been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts for almost a month now. First there was allergy… Continue reading Fall 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check-In

Capsule Wardrobing

Summer Capsule Favorites

Happy day, dear reader! Flat out apologies for a last minute, thrown together post. I had another post, but was altogether unhappy with the negative and snarky 'tude it was taking, so I changed tack completely and decided to focus on something that makes/made me happy. With that proviso, allow me to roll out my… Continue reading Summer Capsule Favorites

Capsule Wardrobing

5 Steps to a Great Capsule Wardrobe

Hello dearest reader, Thanks for visiting today! If you are new, Welcome! And my apologies... It’s August, and I am taking a blogging break (and updating and republishing some previous posts) to help ease the pressure of regular blogging AND to finish up a project that's been in the works for a few months! I'll… Continue reading 5 Steps to a Great Capsule Wardrobe

Style and Styling

Friday Flashback

Volume 7: Grey Trousers + White Shirt Happy day, dear reader! Welcome back to Friday Flashback! If you are just tuning in, Flashback is a little series I’m running this summer, looking back at an outfit from last year, hopefully more objectively than I could last year, and restyling it for this year. Some weeks… Continue reading Friday Flashback

Capsule Wardrobing

Summer 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check In

AKA: How goes it? Happy day, dear reader! How's your summer (or winter) going? It's been ridiculously hot, humid and just plain old wet here in Augusta this summer. We may have lived here for 12+ years now, but I will never get used to summers here. I wouldn't mind so much if when it… Continue reading Summer 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check In