5 Places to Find Unique Gifts

Think Outside the Big Box Store Good day, dear reader! It seems that the holiday sales are starting earlier and earlier every year. First we had Black Friday, then came the stores opening late on Thanksgiving day, and now I am seeing adverts for Black Friday prices starting today. I'm not even sure what they've… Continue reading 5 Places to Find Unique Gifts


How Dressy is It?

What Is Level of Refinement? Hello again, dear reader! I pray that today is a good one for you... Have you ever said "I have nothing to wear!" into a closet full of clothing? You are not alone. Sometimes a client will tell me that she needs to buy something new, even though she has… Continue reading How Dressy is It?


Choosing Accessories

A few months ago, I listed questions that can help narrow the search for a handbag. They fell into Know Thyself questions, and Know Thy Bags questions. Know Thyself is key for all purchases! Accessories covers a lot of ground, but for simplicity, I'll limit this post to jewelry. Frequently, a client will ask me… Continue reading Choosing Accessories