Think Pink: Debrief

Happy day, reader dear! Welcome to the last post of October! October was pink month. I challenged myself to wear pink every day. And that proved a challenge. I like pink. Pink is one of my signature colors. (Although I didn't always like pink.) To keep from losing my mind, and from having to do… Continue reading Think Pink: Debrief

Capsule Wardrobing

Fall 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check-In

Happy day, reader dear! Whew! After a fall that felt like it might never arrive, it's finally here! How's your fall (Or spring!) going? One of my biggest struggles this fall has been with my specs. I have been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts for almost a month now. First there was allergy… Continue reading Fall 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check-In

Style and Styling

3 Ways to Style an Animal Print Dress

Happy day, reader dear! With animal print absolutely everywhere this fall (It's looks like a safari every time I go into a store.), I thought it past time to tackle 3 Ways to Style with an animal print dress. Now, my animal print dress is years old, and has been included in every capsule wardrobe… Continue reading 3 Ways to Style an Animal Print Dress