Style and Styling

Copycat Style? Or Style Springboard?

Happy day, reader dear! Where do you go for style inspiration when you feel "stuck"? I know many women go to Pinterest, and as much as I'd like to say that I never run out of inspiration, let's be real. I go to Pinterest, too! Pinterest is a valuable tool if you are in the… Continue reading Copycat Style? Or Style Springboard?

Style and Styling

Give Your Basics Personality!

Making ordinary pieces YOURS! Happy day, reader dear! When I do a talk, or take mini-wardrobes places for demonstration purposes, people are always surprised at how ordinary my clothes are. People assume that if you are an Image Consultant/Stylist/Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant/etc., you have an enormous wardrobe, full of expensive, interesting and unusual pieces. I am… Continue reading Give Your Basics Personality!

Wardrobe 101

Classics, Trends, and Fads Redux!

How to Know What's What... Happy day, dear reader! I hope your weather is relaxing from its extremes! The US Midwest has been brutally cold. Australia has been blistering hot. I think most of us are looking forward to the next season for some relief. A new season gets many thinking about shopping, and wondering… Continue reading Classics, Trends, and Fads Redux!