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Would You Buy It Again?

And other questions to ask... Happy day, reader dear! If this is your first visit, welcome! If you are returning, I'm so glad to have you back! What's been on your mind lately? On mine is decluttering, purging, cleaning out, or whatever you want to call it. Wardrobe and life. I should explain... This isn't… Continue reading Would You Buy It Again?

Wardrobe 101

Wardrobe Clean Up

Wardrobe Audit, Edit, Purge, etc., etc., etc.! Happy day, dear reader! How's your closet? Do you have a wardrobe? Or a floordrobe? Do your clothes live on a chair in the corner or the room? Or hang on the treadmill? (That's a common one!) Why? Is it a matter of space or time? Recently, I… Continue reading Wardrobe Clean Up

Wardrobe 101

3 Reasons for a Smaller Wardrobe

Happy day, dear reader! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Previously, I wrote about the math of a capsule wardrobe, and how you don't need a lot of clothes to have a lot of options. I found I can get about 500 outfits out of the 39 pieces in my winter capsule. (That's far… Continue reading 3 Reasons for a Smaller Wardrobe