Wardrobe 101

My Wardrobe Musts (2019)

Happy day, reader dear! Are you a journaler? Or a diary keeper? Well, I've never been. I've had great intentions over the years, but consistency? Not my strong suit. The blog? That's another story. There's public accountability out in Weblandia. But as I reflect, the blog is a kind of journaling... Journaling of a sartorial… Continue reading My Wardrobe Musts (2019)

Style and Styling

How to Tie a Square Scarf…

Without the Babushka Vibe! Happy day, dear reader! Thank you so much for visiting with me today! There are literally millions of places you could be on the internet right now, and I feel privileged that you are spending a few minutes with me... I wish I could have you all over for a coffee!… Continue reading How to Tie a Square Scarf…

Wardrobe 101

Style Staples #6: A Scarf You Love

Add Instant Style and Color with a Scarf Happy day, reader dearest! Hopefully that doesn't sound creepy... It's time to tackle some more Style Staples! If you missed the others, Style Staples are those pieces that help you turn the Building Basics in your closet into a look with intention. You can catch up on… Continue reading Style Staples #6: A Scarf You Love