• Accessories

    Accessorize Like a Pro!

    Accessories 101: Beauty Bundles Add Instant Polish to Any Outfit! Happy day, reader dear! I’ve had some requests from various platforms to talk about accessorizing. Like: How do you choose what to include in a #neckmess? Or: What do you…

  • Accessories

    Sentimental Jewelry

    A Trip down Memory Lane… Happy day, reader dear! How’s your new season going? My fall took an interesting twist over the weekend. If you follow me on Insta, you know I love me some jewelry… Maximal and Impact might…

  • Pearlsonalities

    Choosing Accessories

    A few months ago, I listed questions that can help narrow the search for a handbag. They fell into Know Thyself questions, and Know Thy Bags questions. Know Thyself is key for all purchases! Accessories covers a lot of ground,…