Style and Styling

Copycat Style? Or Style Springboard?

Happy day, reader dear! Where do you go for style inspiration when you feel "stuck"? I know many women go to Pinterest, and as much as I'd like to say that I never run out of inspiration, let's be real. I go to Pinterest, too! Pinterest is a valuable tool if you are in the… Continue reading Copycat Style? Or Style Springboard?

Style and Styling

From Inspo to Out-the-Door

Translating a Look and Making It Yours Happy day, dear reader of mine! Have you ever gotten lost down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole? You know... You go looking for say, a new recipe for chicken breasts, and the next thing you know two hours have gone by, everyone is hungry, but hey, you've got a… Continue reading From Inspo to Out-the-Door

Style and Styling

The Myth of Effortless Style

Happy day, dear reader! Google "effortless style" and you will get more than 67 million hits. So it's no wonder I get asked about effortless style... Last December, when I was interviewed for our local paper, the (male) reporter asked me about it. I was a little surprised. It's not a question we associate with… Continue reading The Myth of Effortless Style