Capsule Wardrobing

5 Times a Capsule Wardrobe Can Save the Day

Capsule Wardrobes are NOT Just for Minimalists. Happy day, dear reader! I hope your day is going swimmingly! "Welcome Back!" Or plain old "Welcome!" if this is your first visit. Thanks for coming to see me today! I hope you find your time here well spent. I blog on a variety of topics, mostly about… Continue reading 5 Times a Capsule Wardrobe Can Save the Day

Capsule Wardrobing

Need a Maternity Wardrobe?

A Simple Maternity Capsule Happy day, dear reader! The summer wedding season is upon us, often closely followed by pregnancy season... I am happily married, and NOT expecting (Those days are loooong past!), but I find it amusing that as soon as the pregnancy test comes back positive, young couples start looking at little tiny… Continue reading Need a Maternity Wardrobe?