Consignment Tips and Tricks

What Your Consignment Store Wants You to Know! Happy day, reader dear! Last time I did a quick video at Encore Consignments, my favorite local consignment store, I asked Tara Jimenez, the owner, what she wished consigners knew... It turned into a conversation that we had to break off, but last week we sat down… Continue reading Consignment Tips and Tricks


Transitioning to YOUR Colors!

Happy day dear reader! Have you ever thought about changing the colors of your wardrobe? Not just adding a new color here or there, but a complete overhaul... I know the thought of it overwhelmed me, and was one of the biggest sticking points to having a Color Consultation. I didn't really want to know… Continue reading Transitioning to YOUR Colors!


3 Fall Style Tips (For the Heat!)

Fall Style for Hot Weather Happy day to you, dear reader! I don't know about you, but I am ready for fall. Fall weather. Fall clothing. Fall food. Meanwhile, our Augusta temperatures are usually still in the 90's well into September and October. I feel fortunate to put on a sweater before November 1st. Trick-or-Treating… Continue reading 3 Fall Style Tips (For the Heat!)