• Wardrobe 101

    How Dressy is It?

    What Is Level of Refinement? Hello again, dear reader! I pray that today is a good one for you… Have you ever said “I have nothing to wear!” into a closet full of clothing? You are not alone. Sometimes a…

  • Red Satin Oriental Pattern Pump

    Shoe Wardrobe

    Shoes, shoes, SHOES! Some people love ’em, and cannot imagine life without a variety. Others see them as a necessity to cover their feet to get into stores and restaurants. The latter are usually the ones asking me what shoes…

  • Style and Styling

    Finishing an Outfit

    Common conversation… “How can I make a casual outfit look not sloppy?” “Do you mean casual, but intentionally so?” “YES! That’s exactly what I meant! How do I do that?” This conversation, or a variation of it, happens almost weekly!…