7 Ways to Style a Brooch

(10 Actually!) Happy day, dear reader! Let's talk! How do you feel about brooches? Are they just a grandma thing? Or can you imagine pinning one on? How about two or three? Today, I'm telling you that brooches are underrated! I like to think of brooches as a necklace that doesn't hang around your neck.… Continue reading 7 Ways to Style a Brooch

Style and Styling

Holiday Dressing

What makes a great holiday outfit? Ugly Christmas sweaters aside, what feels festive to you? It should really depend on the event. Caroling on a chilly night requires a different  ensemble than the office holiday 'do. (Speaking of the holiday office 'do... It's still office, and NOT the place for cleavage, bra or booty!) Some… Continue reading Holiday Dressing

Wardrobe 101

My Wardrobe Musts

A few weeks ago I published a post about all the Must Have lists, and thinking about your lifestyle to determine YOUR Must Haves. Everywhere you look are wardrobe must have lists. I enjoy reading what others think are wardrobe musts, but these lists do not send me running off to the shops, because usually… Continue reading My Wardrobe Musts