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Summer Capsule 2019: Planning

Happy June, dear reader! Summer is fully upon those of us in the southern part of the northern hemisphere. (That sounds incredibly contorted. Oh, well. Such is life on planet Earth.) Last weekend was the unofficial start of summer, and since our temps were hovering around 100 degrees all week long, I broke out some… Continue reading Summer Capsule 2019: Planning


5 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

For Work, Play, and Party! (I hear par-tay, but can't bring myself to type it in the title.) Happy day, reader dear! Thank you for the visit! And I pray that your day is lovely... I'm in the middle of pre-business trip craziness--trying to get posts lined up for whilst I am away at a… Continue reading 5 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit


5 More Ways to Style a White Tee

Wishing you a most happy day, dear reader! Last week I worked up 5 Ways to Style a White Tee and Jeans for my daughter-in-law. Small problem: I had far more than five ways, although not all with jeans! So, please don't think your white tee has to be relegated to only being worn with… Continue reading 5 More Ways to Style a White Tee