Consignment Tips and Tricks

What Your Consignment Store Wants You to Know! Happy day, reader dear! Last time I did a quick video at Encore Consignments, my favorite local consignment store, I asked Tara Jimenez, the owner, what she wished consigners knew... It turned into a conversation that we had to break off, but last week we sat down… Continue reading Consignment Tips and Tricks


Obsession: White Watches

Happy day to you, dear reader! This was not today's originally scheduled post. This was not a post on my planner at all. This one came out of nowhere and blindsided me. I had, as my husband would say, "a craving flung upon me." Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, are white watches. And I… Continue reading Obsession: White Watches

Wardrobe 101

Style Staples: #3 Colored Shoes

Happy day, dearest reader! I am having fun with this Style Staples series... I hope you are, too! Two down, a third today, and a few more in the pipeline.If you are looking for a Must Have List, my apologies. Style Staples are not your standard "Must Haves." Style Staples are the pieces I look… Continue reading Style Staples: #3 Colored Shoes