Think Pink!

Happy day, reader dear! It's October! Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have yet to meet anyone untouched by breast cancer. Even if you have been blessed enough to not fight breast cancer personally, it has found a family member, friend, co-worker, teacher, or mentor. Even with the amazing advances made in prevention (screening… Continue reading Think Pink!

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Friday Flashback

Volume 7: Grey Trousers + White Shirt Happy day, dear reader! Welcome back to Friday Flashback! If you are just tuning in, Flashback is a little series I’m running this summer, looking back at an outfit from last year, hopefully more objectively than I could last year, and restyling it for this year. Some weeks… Continue reading Friday Flashback

Polyvore of Colorful Floral Blouses and Accessories
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Trend Watch-Floral Blouses

I know florals for spring are a recurring trend, but wow. Gucci went over-the-top, madly floral from head to toe in Spring/Summer of 2016, and has continued with that theme. It has finally bloomed across (sorry) the mass-market ready-to-wear that most us shop. Above, you can see a few I have fallen in love with...… Continue reading Trend Watch-Floral Blouses