Wardrobe 101

WardrObe Wonders

Happy day, dear reader! Hope yours is a great one! I know it's a personal question, but... What do you have in your closet? Lots of Building Basics? Some Style Staples? What about a few Wardrobe Wonders?  What's a Wardrobe Wonder, you ask? A WardrObe Wonder is a little hard to define, but you know… Continue reading WardrObe Wonders


3 Fall Style Tips (For the Heat!)

Fall Style for Hot Weather Happy day to you, dear reader! I don't know about you, but I am ready for fall. Fall weather. Fall clothing. Fall food. Meanwhile, our Augusta temperatures are usually still in the 90's well into September and October. I feel fortunate to put on a sweater before November 1st. Trick-or-Treating… Continue reading 3 Fall Style Tips (For the Heat!)