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Body Focus versus Face Focus

AKA: Where do you want people to look? Happy day, reader dear! Where do you want people to look? I have heard all kinds of answers to this question, and mostly of the NOT form. Not at my thighs. Not at my tummy. Not at my boobs. Not at my legs. Not at my fill-in-the-blank.… Continue reading Body Focus versus Face Focus

Style and Styling

3+ Ways to Style White Jeans

And 3 Tips to Keep Them Clean! Happy day, reader dear! I don't know about where you live, but summer here in the south means white jeans. I'm good with that! I didn't used to be. Until we moved here, I had owned only one pair of white jeans, which I could wear for my… Continue reading 3+ Ways to Style White Jeans


Choosing Prints for Your Color Contrast!

(Or Patterns...) Happy day, dear reader! Spring is here (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer is not far behind. It's the season many people shuffle out of their predominantly neutral and solid wardrobes to embrace some color and print or pattern. Technically, there is a difference: a print is just that,… Continue reading Choosing Prints for Your Color Contrast!


What’s Your Color Contrast?

And why does it matter? Happy day, dear reader, When I help a client style an outfit, or tweak what they have to make them look their best, two places I look first are at their Value Contrast and Color Contrast. Getting these two right, and working with them can make all the difference between… Continue reading What’s Your Color Contrast?


What is Value Contrast?

And Why Does It Matter? Happy day, dear reader! Is your week rolling along smartly? This one feels a bit like the Keystone-Cops... Lots of busy-ness, but busy doesn't equal accomplishment. We'll have to see how it all plays out, and whether at week's end anything got done. If nothing else, at least there will… Continue reading What is Value Contrast?

Style and Styling

3 Ways to Style Colored Jeans

Or Any Colored Bottom! Happy day, dear reader of mine! Here's hoping your day is full of only pleasant surprises! Today my surprise is a reader requested post topic. In this case, the reader is my older daughter-in-law. Every once in a while, she'll ask me if I am going to write about X, Y,… Continue reading 3 Ways to Style Colored Jeans

Capsule Wardrobing

Summer Capsule Debrief 2018

Happy day, dearest reader! My apologies... Hot on the heels of last week's post, you get another capsule wardrobe post. Last week I talked you through the 5 Steps I use to plan and create a seasonal capsule. Today is the debrief from summer's capsule, and a few thoughts about fall's. Here is the summer… Continue reading Summer Capsule Debrief 2018


Overtone vs. Undertone

Happy day, dear reader! Hope your week has been full of only the pleasant kind of surprises! Today I want to talk about a color quality that people often confuse, undertone and overtone. Specifically as it pertains to choosing colors, whether for clothing or makeup. I often hear people say they are a Spring, Summer,… Continue reading Overtone vs. Undertone

Style and Styling

What Makes an Outfit Work (Part 2)

So how does one put What Makes an Outfit Work (Part 1) into practice? Lots of trial and error, until it becomes second nature. Here's an example... Personality I have a pretty out-there personality. I am friendly, mostly direct, and not afraid to speak my mind. My style recipe is Mischievous Femi-Modern. I don't do girly… Continue reading What Makes an Outfit Work (Part 2)