• Style and Styling

    Work/Stay at Home Style

    Why Bother Getting Dressed? Happy day, reader dear! Without sounding too much like I’m climbing on my sartorial soapbox, I’m just a little tired of all the Whee!-I’m-working-from-home-in-my-jammies posts. I get it. It’s fun for the first day or week.…

  • Capsule Wardrobing

    Summer Capsule Debrief 2018

    Happy day, dearest reader! My apologies… Hot on the heels of last week’s post, you get another capsule wardrobe post. Last week I talked you through the 5 Steps I use to plan and create a seasonal capsule. Today is…

  • Black Vintage Clothing Hanging on Hooks
    Wardrobe 101

    Occasions of Dress

    My apologies for the delayed publication of this post… I’d love to blame Technical Difficulties, but it really comes down to Operator Error. Gone are the days where women or men had one outfit for Sunday Best, and another for…