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EASY Holiday Style!

Jeans + Top + …

Happy day, reader dear!

What’s new in your corner of the world? Are you getting out more, or is it time to circle the wagons again? Is December a busy month for you? Or do you take the opportunity to slow down this last month of the year and regroup for the one to come?

My nature is at war with itself. Maybe you feel that way, too?

Part of me says Shut down and regroup! The other part of me is happy to put on something sparkly, see people and draw energy from around me. Sitting down at a street cafe to watch the crowds flowing by is both a boost and a rest!

Sounds perfect!

Sparkles and coffee?

December is the ideal time to add a touch of sparkle or glamour to every day. (I think any month with the letter(s) Y, R, or U in it is a good month for some sparkle or glamour!) Especially since Everday Opulence is a super wearable trend for Fall/Winter 2021/22!

So let’s talk festive without the Ugly Christmas Sweater. (Unless that’s your jam. Then wear it with pride.)

Onto easy holiday style. EASY. Mix and match these to your heart’s delight. Pick one. Pick two. Pick three. (I ‘d forgo combining all. That might be a little OTT. But if you are OTT, then… Again, be my guest!)

Let’s take our plain-old-plain-olds, the jeans and white tee, and work some holiday magic on them…

(If you want dressier, replace the jeans and tee with a dressy column of color!) If it’s too cold for a tee where you live, sub in a sweater. I’m all about flexibility!

+ Plush

For Plush, think fake fur, velvet or velour. Anything from a faux fur coat or scarf to a velvet jacket. How about a velvet headband or a velvet ribbon to tie your ponytail? (I’d go gaga for a pair of velvet pumps!) Why not team velour track pants with a dressy blouse and add some heels (or cute flats)? Wear the velour track jacket with your jeans and white tee, add some pumps and fabulous earrings! Even false eyelashes are super plush…

+ Sparkle

Sparkly earrings and a necklace and hairpins AND a cocktail ring sounds like overkill, but… All that bling isn’t overwhelming when paired with a super simple base!

How to sparkle? There are so many choices! Statement earrings. Blingy necklace. Diamante hair clips/barettes. Cocktail rings. Brooches. Let’s give the brooch some LOVE! Even people who never wear a brooch rock them during the season. December IS brooch time! Looking for more ways to wear yours?

+ Snuggly (Or Hygge)

Look for a cozy knitted or wooly scarf and pair it with a cozy cap. Totally change the vibe by changing the level of refinement of the pieces! I don’t own a chunky wool scarf (Hmmm. Wardrobe gap?) or a beanie, but a blanket scarf and beret do the trick, too!


A red shirt or sweater is a holiday default. Why not a try a red lip or nails instead? Or red shoes or a bag!

If red shoes or a bag sounds too bold, here’s why I am ALL about Colored Shoes and a Colored Bag!

+ Mix and Match

Showing some brooch love…

Depending on how over the top I wanted to go, I might add that pink beret to this combo! Wouldn’t the brooch be cute pinned on the beret? Oooh! More ideas… With a red lip, please!

For a quick video about why I think December is THE month to up your style

How About You?

Is December a busy month for you? Or do you slow down during the last month of the year and regroup for the one to come? What do you prefer to keep your noggin toasty? Are you team Beanie or team Beret?

What’s your favorite holiday outfit? Which (if any) of these festive touches are you most likely to run with? Are you a one, two, three, or MORE kind of woman? Do you rock a red lip? Or red nails? What’s your favorite red? Do you brooch? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Yes to all the above. Plus Christmas bracelets and silk scarves. Plus red, green and plaid tops, bottoms, toppers, vests and coats/jackets. Love red lipstick and nail polish. Oh, and Christmas scarves or charms adorning a plain purse.

    • Liz K

      You’re all in on dressing for the holiday season, Kathleen! I’ve never been much of a red plaid woman, but I saw a pair of red plaid trousers this week that caught me eye… Extra yesses to decorating your bag! I’ll be red lipping next week, join me?

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