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Thanksgiving Dressing…

With Room for Dessert!

Happy day, reader dear!

I couldn’t resist the pun! If you are reading from outside the US you may not be aware of the dressing vs. stuffing debate. It’s almost as fierce as Red/Blue politics. Some people call the stuff you stuff into the turkey stuffing and others call it dressing. My opinion? I grew up calling it stuffing, but I think the compromise should be that the stuff cooked inside the bird should be called stuffing and the portion baked outside the bird can be called dressing. Shouldn’t that make everybody happy?

Sorted! What next? We’re getting close to the big turkey fest! Next Thursday, November 26th, families all over America will gather at table for a holiday they’ve had before but not quite. And quite a few families will be making their own Thanksgiving feast for the first time!

Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest US travel weekend of the year. People from all over flock “home” for the holiday. It doesn’t look like Thanksgiving 2020 will work that way. Nor do I expect to see as many people be lining up/camping out outside stores for the Black Friday sales after their holiday feasts. (That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your take!)

Some things won’t change, regardless of where you eat and who is doing the cooking. You’ll need to get up and get dressed! (Unless you do T-day in your jammies. I know a family that does!) So what do I look for in a Thanksgiving Day outfit? Or for any cool weather outfit in which I expect to spend the day and eat too much?

(1) I want it to be comfortable. Especially around the middle! (2) I need my arms and hands free, so no rings or bracelets that have to be removed every time I need to attend to something in the kitchen. (3) Something cozy. That might come from color or a fabric. (4) I want an easy layer to throw and go when I need to get out of the kitchen, or take a little walk outside.

First let’s make those things happen with a dress, because I love a dress. It’s like wearing jammies but looks a whole lot more put together! Now, I don’t mean slinky dress, but a loose relaxed dress. Which doesn’t have to be shapeless, unless that’s your preference.

Let’s throw on that relaxed dress with tights and boots. Easy to get around in, able to plop down on the floor to play with the kids or watch TV. Throw on the hat and scarf to head out for a walk after dinner… To make room for second dessert, maybe?

What to do if you wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress? Let’s style some joggers… AND let’s keep them from looking like your husband’s (or older brother’s) sweatpants! The key here is adding polish with a sharp pair of booties and blouse or sweater with lovely lines. The throw or the coatigan would look great layered over either look! Toss the topper on for your post feast leg stretch, and enjoy the crisp fall air.

Traveling for the holiday? No worries! Any of these looks could be the base to build out a long weekend travel six-pack. If that one doesn’t float your boat, here’s a second Thanksgiving travel pack.

So how about you? Do you eat out for Thanksgiving or cook your own? Do you usually travel? How about this year? What do you wear for Thanksgiving? A dress? Jeans? PT gear? Do you change for the table? Do any of the looks in today’s post feel like your style? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,



    We always dress well for our Thanksgiving but my husbands family is very casual!! I still dress but not quit a dressed!!! I’m wearing a brown long corduroy skirt and brown 3/4 t with a marled brown & cream marled coatigan with gold jewelry with lace-up brown booties!! My cute brown marled socks will show and their cute!!! As comfortable as a dress!!! I’m ready for splatters too!!! I pray you & your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!!!! Looking forward to what you have in store for the future here!!!

    • Liz K

      Sounds perfect for the holiday, Natalie! We’re having a cold spell here, so I’m looking forward to not roasting along with the turkey this year!

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