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Thanksgiving Dress-ing

People dressing! Not for the turkey!

Happy day, reader dearest!

Hope you are having a great week! Next week is Thanksgiving here in the US. There will be too much eating, too much shopping, too much family for some, and too much football for others. We keep it pretty understated here at Casa Closet Play except for the food part. I love to eat, and I love to cook, especially with help for big holiday feasts. I recently posted about how to avoid sartorial disasters in the kitchen ((Hint: It involves an APRON!), so today is about dressing comfortably and stylishly for the feast.

I get it. We all want to be comfortable on a holiday. There’s lots to do and lots to be eaten, and pinching waistbands or shoes that will trip you whilst carrying the turkey platter should not be part of the wardrobe plan. I belong to the dress-up-for-special-occasions school, but dressed-up does not have to mean discomfort! If your family spends the day playing football out in the yard, or follows the feast with a hike through the woods to go chop down your Christmas tree, dress for that! But if your day is hanging out at the house, or visiting family, try something a step up from sweats, and just as comfy. And with plenty of room for turkey and stuffing and rolls and cranberry sauce and, and, and…

I love a dress. And for any holiday feast, I love a loose dress! You can dress it down with tights and boots. A dress looks like you made an effort, and it’s as comfy as jammies. When I was teaching, I had an entire collection of what I affectionately refer to as “jammie dresses.” They are as comfy as pajamas, but suitable for many other occasions. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for the big day, with options… Add bling as your personality dictates!

3 Comfy (and Cute) Outfits for the Feast

Relaxed Neutrals

This first look is for you neutrals lovers out there! I started with a denim dress that can be layered over and under. If it’s chilly, pop the turtleneck underneath and pull on some tights. If the weather is warm, leave your legs bare, and just wear the dress with the scarf (It’s lightweight.) for a fall feel. This jean jacket is incredibly cool… It has a metallic sheen! Add some gold jewelry, and you have a relaxed fall look that is very turkey friendly. No waistband to bind or pinch!

All images are from Lands’ End.

Cheery and Cozy

This next look starts with a colorful year-round dress, and adds cozy accessories for the fall vibe. I try to make sure the majority of my wardrobe pieces (And those of my clients!) can be worn at least three seasons of the year. One season wonders are great, but can break your wardrobe budget and leave you with a closet full of clothes, and little to wear. The cheerful red tee shirt dress gets a dose of cuddle factor from the long cardie, plaid accessories and suede boots. Plaid is always popular in the fall, and is extra-hip this year, so if you are a plaid lover, enjoy(!), and stock up! Add some silver hoops, and you are ready to toast the day!

All images are from Lands’ End.

Mad for Plaid

Lastly, more plaid! Because plaid shouts “FALL!” A loose plaid shirt dress, unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled loses that prim and proper vibe, especially when paired with heeled suede boots, a neckerchief, and casual canvas bag. If the weather is chilly, slip on the long cardie. Don’t bother belting today, though, as you want room for that extra piece of pie! Keep the jewelry relaxed too, a stone pendant on a long cord or maybe leaves, feathers, or acorns… Why not all of the above?

All images are from Lands’ End.

What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? Are you hosting? Or bringing a dish to someone else’s house? Do you punt and go out to eat? Have you ever given any thought to what you wear for the feast, or is it just a day like any other? What you are thankful for this year? Today, I am thankful for you dear reader… And will be on our feast day, as well!

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Stylishly yours,


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