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Happy day, reader dear!

It’s getting to be that time again! The busiest travel weekend of the year (for the US) is rapidly approaching, so when I was approached by my friend and Premier Designs jeweler, Amy Rose, to style chat at a fundraiser for the Dexter family my first thought was “Of course!” Followed immediately by “I can talk about holiday travel in a carry-on.” Because why not make lost luggage and surcharges history, get to your destination quickly, AND enjoy your holiday well dressed?

If you aren’t local, or don’t know the Dexter family, their son Alex has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Cancer takes a terrible toll on any patient, family, and their finances. If you would like to help the family and get some of your holiday shopping out of the way to boot, please visit Amy’s Premier Designs website. Purchases made through Saturday, November 9, 2019 will be included in the fundraiser. (This is shared for the benefit of the Dexter family. I receive no compensation for this post or link.)

There’s simply no good way to segue from there to here. Awkward pause… In anticipation of that evening’s event, I pulled together a little capsule from Target to share with the attendees. For this pack, I wanted to create a wardrobe that isn’t in tune with my personality or coloring. (Because my style is mine, and shouldn’t be yours. Your style should be yours!) I love the gorgeous warm colors we associate with fall, and this gave me a chance to play with them without the mistake of adding them to my wardrobe! (Except maybe for that wine sweater dress… That I could work with!)

Mustard and gold shout FALL, and are easy to find this season, so I chose to build this pack on a gold column of color. Long cardigans are a common favorite for cozy dressing and many women love their coverage, so let’s add one in a marled blue. Now throw on a scarf, because a scarf is a must for travel. Next, pull on cute booties for easy on and off if flying, and with cozy socks if driving.

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Packed three tops and two dresses that can double as tunics, a pair of jammies, and mules. The mules will double as slippers, and the cardigan as a robe! Nice jammies (rather than holey sweats and old stained college tee) are a lovely privilege of adulthood, and make you feel far less awkward around the breakfast table with relations you may not see frequently! Let’s see where these pieces take us…

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For that evening when all that family togetherness is just too much…

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If you don’t do dresses, you can replace the dresses with another bottom and a top. (But why NOT try a dress?) All in all, you can create more than 15 outfits with the mini-capsule as pictured. That should certainly be enough to get through a week with the family! Finally, here are some outfit inspiration ideas for those days of meal prepping or holiday recovery… (I don’t do Black Friday, so don’t expect me to suggest that madness! But if you do, the crossbody is your best choice for a shopping marathon.)

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So how about you? What are your holiday traditions? Do you travel for Thanksgiving? Or host? What do you wish your guests (or hosts) knew? Are you a carry-on packer? Or do you pack kitchen-sink style? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Just seeing this post. Had opened a tab for the Premier Design fundraiser for the Dexter family but just realized the fundraiser expired yesterday. Thank you for helping to raise money for this dear family.

    And how about your great Thanksgiving travel capsule wardrobe. Love the colors you included. I tend to wear more patterns so wind up packing specific pieces that only ‘go’ with other specific pieces, which means I pack 40 lbs for a weekend. Need to pin this post for future travel!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thanks for the visit, Leslie! I love the colors of that capsule, too… It’s a fun way to play with colors I can’t wear well. As a pattern lover, limiting the patterns to only tops or only bottoms when you pack should give you more versatility. Thanks for pinning!

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