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It’s almost November. Pumpkin spice season has been in full swing for weeks now. In less than a month, we in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the largest travel weekend of the year, and the largest shopping weekend as well. Thank you Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Don’t even get me started on how I feel about stores that open for shopping on Thanksgiving to start the holiday bonanza early…)

A weekend full of travel, family, food, and shopping sounds like a dream to some, and a nightmare to others! For those of you who are heading out of town, here’s a long weekend travel wardrobe that will fit into a carry-on, leaving plenty of room in the trunk for a cooler to carry leftovers, and those newly purchased Christmas gifts.

This travel wardrobe isn’t for everybody. I had a particular woman in mind as I selected these pieces. She’s casually feminine, values comfort, and likes her casual to feel polished. She doesn’t mind doing laundry while traveling. If she spills on her trousers on the way to her in-laws, she’ll pop her jeans into the laundry on T-day! Then, they’ll be clean for adventures on Friday, and the trip home. She and He prefer to travel home on Saturday so they have Sunday to themselves to relax and recover!

Travel Day:

Jeans and a Tee, Moto Sweater, Scarf and Boots

(She learned early to travel in her bulkiest shoes. That way they aren’t taking up valuable space in her suitcase!) She puts a crossbody bag inside her tote, so that she can leave the tote in the car when they jump out to eat or sightsee.

In Her Carry-On:

Dress, Tennies, Two Tops, a Short Robe & (pretty) Jammies, Ballet Flats double as slippers, Jewelry & Toiletries

She has carefully chosen her pieces to mix and match, and be dressed up or down by changing shoes and jewels. If she was going someplace colder, the short sleeves would be exchanged for long, or for lightweight sweaters. She would add tights or leggings to wear with the dress. Either way, it will still all fit into one carry-on.

What are your travel challenges? Are you a minimal packer, or do you take the kitchen sink? Feel free to share in the comments below; I love to hear from you!


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