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The Apron: Old Fashioned Goodness!

Happy day, reader dear!

Turkey day is upon us, and in honor, and to share what I will be wearing a lot from now through the end of the year, a post replay for you…


When I say “I dress up for everyday life”, I am frequently asked, “How do you keep clean?” The punch line answer would be “Very carefully.” I wish! Careful is not in my nature. More like enthusiastic… To top it off, I am not a graceful person. I spill and drop things all the time. Combined with a love of good food, eating and cooking, I wear more than my fair share of food. I have learned to wear an apron any time I am in the kitchen to keep most of that food off my clothes! I don’t mean one of those cute tie around the waist aprons; I require full coverage, peeps. And I usually wear it to the table when we sit down to eat, like a giant napkin. I have been known to pop an apron on to protect me for (Or is it from?) other housekeeping tasks, too. So as we head into the next six weeks of feasting and the cooking to do so, I thought a post with some fabulous aprons might just be timely, and save you from spot treating and trips to the dry cleaners.

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There are oodles of different kinds of aprons out there. The Japanese tunic style with straps that cross across the back is very popular right now, but I prefer an apron that ties at the waist so I can cinch it in and keep the extra fabric from catching as I move around the kitchen. I love that there are reversible and lined aprons available now. You get two aprons for the price of one, and the double thickness of fabric keeps more of the mess away from you and your clothes. I’m all for that! Just read the care instructions carefully. I saw one apron while browsing that said dry-clean only. That seems to defeat the purpose, doesn’t it?

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How about you? Do you change your clothes to cook, just take the risk, or don an apron? Maybe you prefer a chef’s jacket? Do you leave the cooking to someone else? Or just get on with cooking and let the chips fly as they may?  Let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

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