Think Pink: Debrief

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome to the last post of October! October was pink month. I challenged myself to wear pink every day. And that proved a challenge. I like pink. Pink is one of my signature colors. (Although I didn’t always like pink.) To keep from losing my mind, and from having to do laundry every single day, I took liberties. My interpretation of pink included everything from pale blush to deep raspberry.

Which five made the winners list? Read on! And please feel free to Pin or share any looks you like. It helps the blog, your friends, and me. Thank you!

This combo also made my favorites in my Fall Capsule Midpoint Check-In. Now, to take off the pounds that have made these pink trousers just uncomfortably tight… Grrrr.

The next is a truly obnoxious pink, although it doesn’t look as neon IRL! This pink is too bright and saturated for my Sublime coloring, but I brightened up my lip a bit to help… Sometimes you just wear what makes you happy!

Third? Very little pink! Just enough to give jeans and a white shirt some personality and softness.

The next might be one of my favorites! It certainly was popular on Insta. I know that this isn’t a fall look for many of you, but it’s perfect for our warm falls. Clearly the “No white after Labor Day” rule has no truck here!

And to wrap up the five:

Even more than the pink, it was the deets of this outfit that made me happy. 1) My Levi’s. I’m always happy when I get to wear my Levi’s. 2) Leopard Print! It doesn’t work for my coloring, so I keep it little and away from my face… 3) Sentimental jewelry makes me feel loved. I wear it on days I need a little cuddle. 4) Pumps and jeans are my jam. Especially this 5+ year old pair of Clarks that are so darned comfortable. This is likely their last season. The back is worn, the hair is wearing off the toes, and their shabby won’t be mendable. Sigh.

It was hard to narrow it down to five; here are three runners-up, that also made my 5 Faves from the Fall Capsule Midpoint Check-In.

So how about you? Would you be able to wear a chosen color every day for a month? Or would that restriction drive you bananas? I posted the same question on Insta, and friend replied “Only if it were black!” I used to be that girl! Since black isn’t a color (It’s a neutral!), what color would you choose? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

PS: Just because Pink Everyday wasn’t enough, I’m pondering a 10 X 10 Challenge in November. 10 Pieces, 10 Days. Anyone in?


  • Andrea

    Another binge reading session on some of your older posts. Love the up beat can-do tone you set. I periodically get teal streaks in my grey hair, so for the four or so weeks before the colour softens, I’m always wearing at least some pops of sea tones. Seeing the sea is always calming and uplifting for me, so win win.

    • closetplayadmin

      Lovely to see you again, Andrea! Calming and uplifting is a great combo! Feel free to binge away, and share with your friends… 😉

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I would wear pink everyday – and especially over BLACK! Never have gotten on the black bandwagon. With all the beautiful colors in the world, why would anyone choose to wear black all the time, and yet so many women of a certain age do! Bring on the pink. Love all of your great bits of it!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for the visit, Nancy! Not feeling so “in the pink” about pink at this point… I can’t wait for Friday!

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