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Happy day, reader dear!

It’s October! Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have yet to meet anyone untouched by breast cancer. Even if you have been blessed enough to not fight breast cancer personally, it has found a family member, friend, co-worker, teacher, or mentor. Even with the amazing advances made in prevention (screening and genetic testing) and treatment, cancer is still a frightening word.

My sartorial challenge for the month of pink will be to wear pink (some shade) every day. At one time in my life, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in pink. I hated pink with a passion! I won’t go into my conversion today but I will link the story here. Since pink has become my happy color, and has featured in my capsules for the past few years, pink all month should be easy, right? I’m not so sure… I have a feeling my love may be waning by month’s end!

In honor of the month, and in coordination with two other bloggers, enjoy some thoughts about and outfits featuring pink. It is truly my pleasure to introduce you to Eva Robinson and Gina Kingston.

First, here’s the lovely Eva Robinson from the Czech Republic, a Style and Color Consultant and blogger at Eva Robinson Styl . Eva’s coloring is Elegant: cool, clear, and dark. She looks great in vibrant shades of cool pink!

Next, I’d like you to meet the smashing Gina Kingston from Australia (Canberra environs), an Image and Color consultant and blogger at BeYouTiful Style . Gina’s coloring is warm, slightly toasty, and light. She’s Spicy and wears her pink warmed up with a touch of gold. Some might call it coral! Thank you, Gina for inspiring and organizing this collaboration!

If you’ve been here before, you know me, Liz Klebba! I’m an Image, Wardrobe and Color Consultant living in Augusta, Georgia, USA. My coloring is cool, soft, and light. My palette is Sublime. Which means that my best pinks are cool, soft, and light. Like me!

I’d also like to take the opportunity to share with you (because you know I have a thing for scarves) a taste of the lovely collection of scarves designed for Talbot’s to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation. I bought two last year, and after the opportunity to see two up close last week modeling in a Talbot’s Trunk Show, I may need to splash out on another this season. (One of last year’s scarves became the inspiration springboard for my Spring Capsule and Summer Capsule wardrobes this year!)

Here’s a peek at three from the collection that are vying for my attention…

So how about you? What’s your take on pink? Love it? Leave it? Hate it? Millennial pink? Blush? Is your coloring warm like Gina’s or cool like Eva’s and mine? Do you do anything special to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Have you or someone you love been affected by breast cancer? I know all the questions are annoying, but I am insatiably curious! Please do share in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,


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