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Happy day, reader dear!

If you weren’t already sick of the Jeans + White Tee posts, this might just push you over the edge. I’d apologize, except that that “uber-boring” combination (You can call it classic if you like!) is a great base to illustrate other style flights of fancy! If you’d like to see more posts about styling Jeans + White Tee you can find a few linked below…

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Last month, I used that same Jeans + White Tee outfit recipe to demonstrate the Power of a Third Piece. So what are we doing today with that classic/basic/easy/everyday combination? Let’s talk about the power of shoes and bags to completely change a look. There’s a pervasive myth out there that there’s one bag that will work with everything. There are a LOT of bag myths, but the with-everything one makes me crazy, so let’s have a little Closet Play with our old friends the jeans and white tee and see what happens when we change up the shoes and bags… Ready?

The Starting Point

You can imagine this with a tote or your everyday crossbody, right?

Let’s change the sneakers for ballet flats and upgrade the bag…

Polished Casual

Now swap the ballet flats for boots and the polish for some roar…

A Little Attitude

How about something more colorful?

Cheerful Chic

Now, let’s start dressing it up a little! More urban? Ballet flats again, but this time in black patent with a hand held satchel…

Achromatic City Chic

Trading the bag for something swingy makes it more social!

Feeling brunch again, people…

And last but not least, let’s add some lace and beading! For another kind of social…

Is this mixing levels of refinement? Yes. It’s not for everyone!

If you are wondering… Yes, I DO have a thing about bags. And shoes. A lot of women I’ve met share my thing. Bags and shoes fit when your jeans are snug, or that blouse is straining across the bust. And as you can see, they have the power to instantly transform the personality of an outfit! What bags would I consider basic to outfit a handbag wardrobe? You can find that here! It’s time for me to update this very old shoe wardrobe post

How About You?

What’s your default, bog standard outfit? The outfit I’ve heard called your You-niform. The one you can grab and put on in the dark, makes you feel at home, and fits comfortably? What happens when you change out shoes and bags with your you-niform? Do you have a shoe and bag thing? Or is the appeal a mystery? Do tell? I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    LOVE the complementary look of the mixing levels of refinement outfit. OH, that bag. Those shoes. So fun to pair chic and elegant with denim and camo. Beautiful!!

    And those combat boots and the camo bag…yes, please.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for stopping by, Leslie! I love the mix, too, but those with more highly Classic personality styles can find mixing those refinement levels uncomfortable. Wishing you and your PC a lovely weekend! XO


    A white cotton shirt or ivory blouse with a navy skirt is my dress in the dark favorite outfit. Love, love, love good quality bags and shoes!

    • Liz K

      Classic choice! That combo is too high value contrast for me, but might be perfect for you! Gotta agree about loving quality bags and shoes!

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