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Long Weekend Travel Capsule

For a Rainy Getaway at the Beach

Happy day, dearest reader!

I hope you are having a good one. Today’s post is a fun one, because I love to travel. I love to imagine where to go next. I love to pack. I love to pack for clients, too! I get to travel vicariously through them!

This lady and the love of her life are running away for a long holiday weekend at the beach to celebrate (belatedly) their wedding anniversary. The weather predicted is lousy… But they don’t care. It will be perfect. Just the two of them. Lots of time to lay about doing nothing. All that’s on the schedule is a nice dinner out, maybe a visit with some friends who live nearby, an entire afternoon poking about that amazing bookstore they found the last time they visited. Not a lot planned; they just want to let the weekend unfold; there’s been way too much to plan and do in the past few months.

But she’ll still plan her suitcase! One outfit to travel in. Another in the suitcase. And the 5 Travel Wardrobe Extenders + A Dress…

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Yes, she’ll put in underwear, socks, and something special! Not everything mixes and matches, but she’ll be ready for some rainy walks on the beach. And for some browsing the shops in town. And for dinner out, and church. And whatever else they find to do… She’s covered!

How long could you travel with this in your suitcase? Do tell! Where would you like to run away to for a long weekend? And with whom? What would you make sure to pack? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you… And as always, please feel free to Pin or share as you like on social media. There’s no need to keep me all to yourself!

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