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Try a Bright Lip!

Happy day, dear reader!

You know me… I’m a fan of color, but usually I talk about color in terms of clothing. Today I’d like to touch on (Swipe on?) a very easy way to add color to an outfit, and to an otherwise grey day. Color is a powerful tool in your wardrobe, can affect how others see and treat you, AND can affect how you feel about yourself. So why not use color as a mood booster?

Even easier than adding a scarf, or finding a colored top in the back of your closet, is swiping on a bright lip. Now, before you get wrapped up in how weird you think you look with a bright lip, most of the people you see aren’t looking at you the way you see yourself in the mirror. Let me show you what I mean…

Here’s my grab and go red lip. It feels really bright compared to the more “natural” pinks and roses I wear day to day.

But really, nobody besides my husband and maybe my grandsons see me at this distance! Here’s how others I see “close up” see me… Look how all of a sudden it doesn’t look so vibrant.

But most people in the world don’t see me even that close, they see me more like this…

At this distance, the lips are barely noticeable! So if a bright lip feels like too much, take a full-length selfie, and get a different perspective. Even better, commit to wearing a bright lip for a week, and train your eye to see something different! You might just find a new favorite, and a little more confidence!

There are lots of brights to choose from out there! Maybe your bright is a coral. Or a fuschia. If the red above didn’t seem bright, here’s another to compare…

Are you a regular bright lip wearer? Or not-only-no-but-heck-no? What’s holding you back? Every year the “style makers” announce a bright lip is back. There are lots of choices this year, a bright lip is just one! I dare you! It might just be fun. It certainly can be powerful! Try wearing one all day long and let me know how it feels in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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