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Happy day, dear reader!

Welcome to our Back-to-School Blitz (or B2SB), I will be sharing basic posts about wardrobing, wardrobe logistics, seasonal trends, and some ruminations on style and the seasons as we head back into a new school year and try (once again) to get a grip on what we think of as normality. Think of it as an after-summer refresher and peek forward into the next style season!

Whew! We are midway into August, and that means (In normal years!) if the children aren’t back to school, the time is coming soon. Back to School is always a time of change and evaluation. It’s a second New Year each year! It’s interesting how the patterns we set (or that are set for us as children) often determine our feelings and behaviours, many years along!

As a girl, I wore a uniform to school. I have fond memories of shopping for new jumpers (or when older, skirts), knee socks, shirts, and shoes every August. The list would also include a new outfit to wear for out-of-uniform days and other events, and a few new play clothes. There was a seasonality to shopping and an accounting every few months. What fits? What doesn’t? What will be needed next? I remember shopping for a new outfit for the Christmas season, and one for Easter. I’m no longer outgrowing my clothes like I did back then (Hopefully!), but I still feel the need to shop each fall. A wardrobe refresh is how I think of it… And I feel like a new outfit is in order for Christmas and Easter. (Not necessary. I have plenty of items in my Special Occasion Capsule to handle holidays!) There’s also a part of my that wants something new for trips, too. I’m going to have to think more about that. (When we can travel again!)

We’ve lost that seasonality and accounting. We buy 52 weeks a year. The average consumer shops (IRL or Point-and-Click) with little attention to what is needed. We end up with overstuffed closets and dressers, and often, a style we don’t love. (And YES, you should LOVE your style. It’s part of you!)

Today, let’s chat about balance. No, I’m not asking for yoga poses or work-life balance (HA!), but wardrobe balance. Let’s face it. Unless you are a baby, you don’t need the same number of tops as you do bottoms. Once we are past potty-training, bottoms don’t get dirty as quickly as tops. That means that as an adult, you don’t need as many bottoms in your wardrobe as tops. (Unless you only shop from an outfit mindset. That’s another post for another day! I’ll get there.) School aged children are another matter!

Finding the right balance of tops to bottoms in your wardrobe is about finding the ratio that works for you. (Don’t worry, the math won’t be scary!) A great place to start is 2:1. That means 2 Tops for every 1 Bottom. Those bottoms are not fixed in type. They might be trousers, skirts, jeans, or shorts, depending on the season and your lifestyle and preferences. (AND how often you do laundry!) 2:1 is just a start. You might find that 3:1 works better for you. Or if you are in a messy season (Do you have a newborn with a talent for missing the burp rag?), your needs might be 4:1!

So how about you? Take five minutes. (Really. This won’t take more than 5 minutes.) Go to your closet. Open the door and make a quick count. Don’t stress about what’s in the wash, just count what’s hanging in the closet, and then add what’s in your dresser drawers. Help me with my research. What’s your ratio? Let me know in the comments below! I do so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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