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And Covid-19…

Happy day, dear reader!

Whew! Another week begins and April is almost at an end. I pray that you and yours are safe and sound. A new month approaching means we are one step closer to finding out who we will be post Covid-19. And (hopefully) one step better at managing what everyone likes to call our new normal. This adventure has certainly created conversations about change, flexibility, and resilience. It has given us a new perspective on the words want and need. AND just maybe it has given some of us permission to slow down and think about what we really want our lives to look like.

One change is that many working from home have abandoned their work wardrobes for more relaxed #workfromhome wear and are HAPPY! I don’t get it, because my work wardrobe is already pretty relaxed, and putting on my work clothes puts me in a work frame of mind. I do better work when I get dressed. (The science bears out the fact that most people do. Even if they don’t like it…) That said, I, too, am in a more casual (but still work) mode. More jeans, fewer heels, and a tee or two. Which brings me to my Covid Wardrobe Gap. No, it’s not a mask! (Yes, I wear a mask when I have to go out. And no, it doesn’t match my outfit!)

What’s a Wardrobe Gap?

A Wardrobe Gap is an item missing from your wardrobe, but not just any missing item. The item, that you have identified (Or your Wardrobe Stylist has!), will make the pieces you already own work better for you! The key here is in the words you have identified. Some trigger words for a wardrobe gap are “This would be so cute/stylish/great with BLANK.” AND that same BLANK keeps coming up for multiple outfits. That’s a Wardrobe Gap! Covid’s #stayhome #workfromhome has uncovered a WG in my closet. I’d like a nice pair of neutral flat shoes to wear with shorts and dresses. Dresses are incredibly versatile, but to give them a more relaxed feel like in this post, I’d like another pair of flats. I was thinking grey. Maybe navy instead? Something like these…

If I fill this gap will it still help post-Covid? Certainly!

You Have Identified

I said those words were key because you won’t find a Wardrobe Gap on someone else’s Must-Have list. Just because someone else can’t live without it doesn’t mean you can’t! Every list I see has Black Pumps. I don’t wear them. I don’t need them. My Must-Have’s aren’t yours. My style personality, lifestyle, values, and coloring aren’t yours! That said, I do like to look at others’ lists. I think I like them because I’m curious, and the lists give me a glimpse into someone else’s life! My favorite list is Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred. The illustrations by Ruben Toledo are gorgeous! I don’t live her life; her 100 aren’t mine!

All that rambling comes down to: A Wardrobe Gap is a pothole. You’re driving along the dressing road nicely, until that hole trips you up. A piece of the road is missing. You see it and keep driving around it, but avoiding it limits your speed and efficiency. And forces you to focus on avoiding the hole rather than enjoying the ride.

So how about you? What changes has Covid 19 made to your dressing style? Have you discovered any wardrobe gaps you didn’t know you had? What are you missing? Do tell me in the comments below… I love to hear from you! XO

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!


  • ratnamurti

    Hi Liz, I 100% agree that dressing for work, in my case albiet casually, really does make a difference. My wardrobe gap last winter was: ankle boots. I knew that they would just change what I was wearing very subtly. And they did.

    • closetplayadmin

      Glad you found that one! Sometimes we can miss that link that will make so many outfits work better… Thank you for popping by! Stay safe! XO

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