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No Post Today…

Happy day?

It was not a happy day Chez Closet Play yesterday. A wild storm came through and knocked out our power for a bit and our internet for the better part of the day. Then the internet was back up, but our router was blown and needed replacing.

Which meant: Missed appointments. No blogging. No access to most of my work.

Poor planning on my part? Probably.

Trying to learn from that experience.

All that to say, my apologies. You should have had an actual blog post today. But as it is, the Style Glossary post for the letter C should go live on Monday. DVWP. (God willing. Weather permitting.) It is very late now on Friday night and I am just D. O. N. E. Done. Pulling all-nighters is no longer my thing.

So I hope to be see you again Monday morning, bright and sunshiny. Yes, I’m trying a new posting schedule through the month of April: Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I’ll ask you how you like it later next month.

Wishing you a lovely, stylish, and bump free weekend!

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