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I LOVE my job as an Image Consultant! I have the privilege and pleasure of empowering women (and men) through personal style. The privilege is in the invitation and trust, the pleasure in seeing the transformation. The smile when a client looks in the mirror with new eyes, the shoulders back, the head held high, the spring in the step.

Other days are sad, though. Not client days, but the (not so rare) days when I meet women (usually), who hear what I do and say “Ooooh! Neat! I’d love to have you come help me, but…”

Let me explain. Not being hired doesn’t make me sad. It’s the part that comes after the “but…”

But… I just stay home with the kids. I’ve got 10/15/20 more pounds to go. Nobody cares what I wear. (Untrue. You do. Studies prove it. Living in your sweats isn’t good for your mental health.) The buts are as varied as the women who answer. But…

Each of these excuses boils down to “I’m not worthy.” BUT she is. YOU are. You are precious. And lovely. Right now. And in the case of one woman with whom I spoke: Not only do you deserve to feel good about yourself, your daughters and sons need to see their mom happy with and respecting her body. They need to see that you honor yourself, and take care of yourself. And dare I say it? That they are not the center of the universe. (None of us is.)

You deserve to feel good about yourself. If culture, social media, or friends (?) and acquaintances make that hard, we need to do some work. Most will be inside work. Some may be outside work. You are worth it. But you need to believe you are worth the effort. And if the effort is scary, get someone to help. That’s what coaches are for. Fitness Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Style Coaches.

Image consulting is not an indulgence for celebrities, politicians and the wealthy. It’s for anyone who finds it’s time for a change. Or finds him or herself in a sea of change. Or is tired of spending money on clothes only the closet wears. Or discovers she’s unsure how to dress the new person she is becoming. Or finds him or herself differently abled. There are as many reasons to hire an Image Consultant as there are clients. But it all boils down to valuing yourself, wanting to put your best foot forward, and being open to the new.

So if you are the woman with all the buts, please practice this exercise: Next time you stand in front of the mirror, tell that rude voice inside to practice silence. And say one nice thing about yourself. And a second nice thing about your body. The next morning, another round. Every. Day. Because if the words you say to yourself in your head are not words you would say aloud to your best friend, STOP!

It’s time to get down off my soapbox now. If this post isn’t for you because you have done the work, and are not in a place filled with buts, please share it with someone you care about who still is. Give yourself some love. And self-care. (Not the kind that’s faux care, please!) And let’s go into the end of the year filled with love, laughter, and grace. And leave the stress behind.

So how about you? Do you prioritize caring for yourself? Have you always? Was learning to do so hard won? Or did it come naturally? If not, who taught you? Do you share that gift with others? Do you still struggle with the buts? Which is yours? Please share in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you?

Stylishly yours,

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