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What How You Carry Your Bag Says about You!

Happy day, reader dear!

Today we get to talk about one of my favorite topics… Wait for it… Handbags. I’m not sure where the obsession came from, but I really have a handbag thing. I’m not alone. I know lots of women who do! Shoes and bags. They fit whether you gain or lose five pounds and have the ability to change an outfit completely! Hmmmm. That might need to be a post. Jeans + White Tee + 5 Different Shoes & Bags… I’ll put that one on the calendar!

Now I don’t expect you to be surprised if I tell you that your Style Personality and your Values are two of the main factors that determine what kind of bag you choose. Makes sense. If you have a very Classic style personality, you aren’t likely to buy a cloth Kavu sling bag. I’d expect the woman carrying that to be a grab-and-go Relaxed woman. Wonder what kind of bag is best for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to narrow your search!

Not only does the kind of bag describe who you are, but how you carry it does, too! I grabbed my trusty Fall/Winter 2020 French 5 purchase and my monster work tote to illustrate. If you are curious about what bags I need in my “bag wardrobe” you can read about that, here.

Carrying over the arm tends to be a more Feminine personality style habit.

Crossbody carry (Especially to the back!) is a more Relaxed personality style habit, as is carrying a big tote over the shoulder. The Relaxed backpack/sling carry aren’t modes I can demonstrate with these two bags. (Sorry!)

If your preference is to carry over the shoulder, especially snugly tucked under the arm, or prefer a tote carried like a briefcase in one hand, you are likely to skew more Classic.

Of course, the tote in hand can also be a function of the chiropractor finally getting through to you! Because carrying an overloaded bag on the shoulder is bad for your shoulders AND your back. You knew that already. Right?

Ms. Elegant Chic is often seen carrying her bag short over the shoulder, over the arm, or in the hand. You see in the hand ALL the time in blogs and fashion shots. The reason? In the hand prevents creases or rumples in the outfit. Ideal. And if it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for me… (She’s predominantly an in-the-hand and over-the-forearm woman. Her favorite brand? Launer.)

So how about you? How do YOU carry your bag? Granted, you may not be going anywhere so carrying a bag may be the last thing you think about in 2020. And yes, we all carry more than one way depending on the bag and the circumstances, but in general… What’s your default? I see a LOT of crossbody bag carriers where I live, which is no surprise. The Relaxed style personality is BIG in my neck of the woods! Do let me know your carry style in the comments below. There’s plenty of room…

Stylishly yours,



    When I didn’t need a walker I carried a shoulder bag over my shoulder (less seldom) and handbag always in my hand(mostly what I do). Interesting thoughts!!! Love your blog!!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Natalie! Does your hubby carry your bag for you now when you are out and about? Or do you have a way to hang it on your walker?


    Liz, I carry my bag in my hand and over my shouder if a casual shoulder bag. Now with my walker it goes on my walker. Wonder what that means? I’m laughing over that!! Of course that’s just not optional!

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