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What Should I Wear?

A #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) Post

Entrepreneur/Video Meetings, Medical Advocate

Happy day, Reader Dear!

I know, I know!

November has me ALL topsy turvy.

So topsy-turvy that I forgot to write a Copycat Style post.

Oh, my!

That is a problem. Copycat Style is the first post I pencil in each month.

Before I go any further, let’s talk about December. I expect December will be even more bananas than November, what with the holidays AND a new grandson arriving! When? Who knows. That’s up to him! Since I want to be available for my son, daughter-in-law and soon to be big brother grandson, I’m scheduling a blog post once weekly, rather than twice. I love the time I spend with you, but that new little human will be new for only a very short time, and I want to enjoy every moment of it that I can. My plan is to start up again twice monthly in the new year. (Although, what is it they say? Want to make God laugh? Make a plan.)

Thank you for understanding!

Where was I? Ah, yes. Copycat Style. It’s a favorite and has a very popular cousin–the #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) post. You see them ALL over social media. Seriously. Search #GRWM on TikTok or Insta and you will get thousands upon thousands of hits. Some are about getting dressed; others are about makeup. So I thought I’d give the GRWM bandwagon a spin and take it a little deeper.

Let’s give it an intentional twist, talking through the thinking behind the choices. (Because you know me…)

#mindfuldressing #intentionalliving, Right? 😉

What to Consider

It starts where dressing every day should. With a gander at the calendar AND the weather. It’s going to be a crazy busy day, so I need all the support I can get from my clothes. That’s right. Your clothes are a tool that can support your mission for the day or hamper it. (Video Link)

Imagine you were to climb Mt. Everest. You wouldn’t do that in a ball gown and pumps, would you? Same thing for any old day.

Today, I’ve got a bucketload of tasks on my list (This is only about half of them), some businessy meetings AND an MD appointment with Mama. That means I need to be a focused businesswoman and her medical advocate.

For focus, businesswoman and advocate, I’m going to default to my Kick #$% and Take Names Outfit. What’s that? You can read more about it and the four other Outfits Every Woman Needs, right here!

Start Here

For me, jeans are my first choice. Especially on a Monday. They are comfortable, can be presentable, and are my confidence booster, saying, “I’ve got this. With ease.” Maybe that’s not what they say to you, but they do to me…

I’m choosing a darker jean here for more gravitas. Yes, I know the frayed hems belie that, but my other jeans are too faded to feel even remotely businesslike. If you are curious, these are my Levi’s 501 Button-Fly Originals. (Often bought on Ebay. Or at JCPenney. You’ll find them in the men’s section.) I cropped them like I like them. Want to know how to get this easy fray? Watch the video below.

If not, skip to NEXT


A silk shirt with jeans is perfect for work-from-home and any virtual meetings I have on deck. I try to avoid busy prints for video, however, this one doesn’t cause too much trouble!

Add a Style Staple

A key piece of my KA&TN looks is a jacket. A third piece like a jacket is a completer that can add polish and structure, depending on the jacket. I call pieces that add pizzazz to your basics Style Staples. Find out more about why a jacket is such a winner, here.

Lighten It Up!

Most people would grab a black or navy pump, but I’m opting for white to lighten the look and create a visual loop back to the top and my face/hair. No, my hair isn’t white. Yet. LOL! Dark shoes would solidify a body focus, and I’m trying to create a little more face focus.

Add Polish

I NEED earrings! (Empty earring holes make me feel like I’m going out naked.) And a watch, because keeping track of time is imperative today. Imperative. And they add a little more light (AND some sparkle!) near my face.


Here’s how it turned out! It’s got the grown-up vibe the day requires with some of the light and playful I need to feel like my best self.

How About You?

Did you find this post helpful? I’m thinking it might become a series, alternating with Copycat Style posts. I know that might be unpopular; Copycat Style posts are some of the most read! If alternating doesn’t work for you, please let me know. What do you consider when you get dressed in the morning? Are you dressing mindfully? Or rolling on autopilot? Have you ever found yourself not showing up the way you wished? How did that make you feel? Did it change how you feel about getting ready? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Liz, I just watched the denim cutting video and so helpful. I have cut a pair off before but I never realised that if you keep cutting the strands it will actually fraying at some point. Also so interesting about the inseam and the rise being connected. It explains why my DH’s pair of 32 inseam does not look or sit like my old 34 inseam. The 34 inseam looked so much more feminine. Thanks for this!!

    • Liz K

      Glad to help, Lise! Not all fabrics will stop fraying like denim; I believe it has to do with the twill weave used. The rise/inseam connections was a HUGE aha moment for me, that needed sharing.

  • Gill Hormann

    Love this outfit, you certainly look ready to KA&TN! And I get where you are coming from, sometimes what we wear can be armour for for our emotions. I was recently called up for Jury Service, something well outside my comfort zone, and I thought long and hard about what to wear. I ended up going with an “office appropriate” outfit, as I felt the most armoured for an uneasy situation, even though, apart from the officials, I was probably the most dressy person in the court. Plenty of people turned up in jeans/sneakers (which is my usual day-to-day), but I would have felt uncomfortable in that situation. I’ve definitely used the “clothes as armour” approach for other uncomfortable situations. As to Copycat Style, I love the way you break your thinking down, but the GDWM is very useful too – so not much help there, I’m afraid!

    • Liz K

      Showing up for Jury Duty is always stressful! The Jury Summons we receive has explicity instructions regarding dress, but no one seems to pay any attention to them. Sigh. (Thank you for letting me know you appreciate both families of posts, Gill!)

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