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What´s Your Style Season?

Happy day, dear reader!

Traditionally, August is Back to School season. For many of us it’s time to think about a change of wardrobe, whether we’re headed back to school or not. Here in Georgia, we can wear sandals well into November; I love fall weather, and fall dressing, and dream of a change of season! As I work with more varied clients (Virtually!), I’m noticing a connection between their style personalities, and their favorite style seasons. Note: I do NOT mean your color season! That’s a horse of a completely different color… (Couldn’t resist the pun.)

What’s your favorite season to dress for? Do you love summer style best? Or is fall and layering more your style? Maybe you love cozying up in winter woolies. Or you might be happiest dressing for spring. Do the colors of fall make your heart sing, but you feel no love for summer? If you have a favorite season to dress for, you might not be surprised to find that your style personality may be to blame!

Some seasons are better suited to different style personalities. When I dressed in a more rebellious style, summer was my nemesis. I wanted black and more black. I didn’t own sandals and my heavy chains (Although I did wear them with lots of pearls…) could be miserable in the heat. Those Minnesota falls and winters though? I LOVED them. (Even if I hated shoveling snow!)


The weather warms and legs come out of hiding from their trousers and tights and boots. Dresses show up every spring, surprising bare pasty legs. Each spring we see a resurgence of crisp nautical colors, particularly navy and white. Greens and Easter egg colors make a reappearance. Recently, the seasonality of color has been taking a twist on the runways. Designers have been showing colors we often associate with fall (russets and olives) in the spring. I like the shakeup!

We connect florals, stripes, and more casual structure with spring and the Feminine and Relaxed personality styles. More relaxed Classics may gravitate toward stripes and a nautical vibe. Spring often brings with it a host of Boho and Preppy looks. Safari pops up every few years (in homage to YSL) and often reflects the more atypical colors I mentioned above.


Is another season Boho girls (and they are more likely to refer to themselves as girls than ladies or women…) find sartorial happiness. Airy sundresses, straw hats, the perfect combo of Relaxed and Feminine. Light colors combined with natural touches like straw and stone. Relaxed women who love the ease of shorts, tees, ball caps, and flip flops are happiest in summer, too. (I know a lot of these women. They are often highly kinaesthetic!) Dramatics drawn to volume and lots of white or bold prints find summer a perfect season to show off their style!

Personalities who prefer light, airy, pale colors, or brights, particularly those with warm overtones, like pinks, oranges, reds and yellows may find summer to be their seasonal jam!


Autumn is a season that makes many of the style personalities happy… I think it’s about the boots! LOL! Booties for the Relaxed, riding boots for Classic, and any kind of boots for Creative (Ms. Creative is happy all year long, but really thrives in fall when she can layer and play!)

Plaids, and blazers appeal to the the Classic. Cozy layers, muted earthy harvest and sunset shades speak to Relaxed. This is also a season when Rebellious really loves to come out and play, the Halloween vibe can be her zone of genius! Black, tattoo prints, skulls, boots, fishnet tights, leather, it all starts to work again once the weather cools… I wonder if my residual rebel is the reason I love autumn dressing so much? It’s certainly not the plaid skirts!


Winter calls for layers, volume, and cozy textures and colors. Holiday reds. greens, blues, whites, and black. Sparkle and holiday lights. Icy stark looks or bold cool colors for the more Dramatic, soft luxe for Elegant Chic, cozy hygge layers for the Relaxed, tartans for the classic. Winter has something for everyone, even if not everyone loves winter. The personality style who seems to shut down in snowy winter is the highly feminine, unless she has a thing for cashmere… Then she’ll be just fine, thank you!

If dressing for the calendar season and your personality run into conflict, here’s a post that just might help… Please don’t take offense at the title!

So how about you? Which style personalities resonate most with you? What season/s do you prefer to dress for? What colors do you gravitate towards? Do you see a connection? What have I missed? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you! XO

Stylishly yours,

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