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When 2 Outfits Have a Baby

A Style/Restyle Post. Sort of.

Happy day, reader dear! (Maybe?)

It’s an odd day. I’m writing this in a hurry because all-the-best-laid-plans, well, go pear shaped.

Last week all was going swimmingly! (That alone should have made me pause.) Mama was on track for her knee replacement surgery in July. For those of you who have been here a while, you know that Mama lives with Mr. CP and me, and I am her primary caregiver. Along with wife-ing, mom and grandmom-ing and running the empire. (Insert hysterical laughter!) If you are new here, Welcome, and thank you for popping by. You came on a strange day. I hope you’ll stay a while and find some wonderful inspiration for your style and your wardrobe, right in your very own closet! (If you find goodness, please feel free to Pin away and share your love on social media. It’s good for the blog.)

As I said, swimmingly. Until. Until one of her pre-op appointments didn’t go as hoped and now the knee replacement is off the table until we get the heart sorted. So, other than the next few days hanging out at the hospital, I have no idea what’s coming down the pike. For our family or for the blog. I’m a pretty private person, and respect that of my family, too. They didn’t sign up for blogging and posting their lives in the interwebs. But if I don’t show up on Saturday, or for a few weeks with no notice, you’d be surprised, so that’s the sitch Chez Closet Play. We’re rolling with it. If you are of the praying persuasion, please lift us in prayer. If sending healing waves and peace our way works for you, we’ll take any we can get. Thank you.

Now, where was I? That’s right…

Q: What happens when you take two outfits you love and combine them?

A: A new outfit that might just be another fave! That’s what’s happening today!

Why did these two speak to me? I’ve been crushing on the white and tan combo we’re seeing everywhere this summer. It feels cool and airy to me, and in our Georgia heat and humidity, airy and cool is paramount. So let’s take the white and tan color scheme, and the white column of color created by the dress and reinterpret that… Yes, you’ve seen this white dress before! It featured in June’s Copycat Style post. There I wore it belted, here, loose. Let me know which you prefer!

That means I’ll take the column from the dress and recreate it with the blouse and a pair of white jeans. Let’s keep the accessories from the jean look and add the turquoise and multicolored beaded necklace for a little color. And the result?

Is it strange to combine brown pearls and a polka dot scarf with a Native American style necklace? Maybe. Would I wear this again? Certainly! Would I have combined it if I hadn’t started a new 10X10 challenge yesterday? Probably not. (More about that 10X10 in another post.) I know I’d like this look better with the ladybag!

How About You?

Which do you prefer? The blue jeans combo? The dress look? Or the white jeans combo? (I’m torn since this is the season of blue and white for me!) Do you wear white in the summer? How do you feel about the White + Tan trend? Meh? Or Yes, please! Would you combine pearls and Native American jewelry? Would you grab the tote? Or the smaller ladybag? (If hand-carry is a deal breaker, know that it has a crossbody strap!) Do let me know, and I’ll be back posting when I can… Thank you. I appreciate you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, I can certainly relate to the upheaval you describe at the beginning of this post. On any given day, I am experiencing much the same thing…except my mom is 1500 miles away. So, try as I might to orchestrate, organize, assist in her life and health issues, much of the hands-on is left to my brother in the same town as Mom. I am chief worrier, phone caller, Amazon order placer for any and everything that might make Mom’s life easier. Healthier. Happier.

    Hoping you get some answers about your mom’s heart and a plan for addressing the issues. Not knowing is the worst. Once I KNOW what we are dealing with, I can devise a plan of attack.

    Have been thinking of your darling white shirt dress with the tan accessories since I first saw that outfit. Wish your shirt dress would have a baby…all by itself…and adopt it out to me.

    • Liz K

      Being the one on the spot AND being the one at a distance are BOTH challenging. It reminds me of child-rearing. Getting them out of the womb and keeping them alive for the first few years is physically exhausting. That’s what it’s like being there. Being at a distance is like getting them out of the nest and into adulthood. Physically, not so trying, but emotionally exhausting. Bless you for helping support your brother with Mom. I have no siblings to help, but am so thankful for my super supportive Mr.CP. She’s still not out of the woods but things are looking better. I’ll let you know if the white dress gets indiscreet and finds herself in a family way! (That was the best laugh of my morning! Thank you, Leslie!

  • Sally in St Paul

    I love that white blouse. It reminds me of the denim/chambray blouse you have that’s also collar-less and tiered and amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think I’ll go with the white blouse + white jeans + all the necklaces. White and tan is a nice combo, but for me personally, I prefer to wear more color. And in my book, pearls go with everything!

    • Liz K

      I love my collarless blouses! (I can only do collars if they are super soft, like on a silk blouse. Stiff cotton feels so not me! I need color, too, hence the addition of colored jewelry. Thank you for coming by, Sally!

  • Sarah

    Life can certainly challenge us at times. Thinking about your family and sending those healing wishes for your mom!💕

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