White Golf Belts

Why, Oh Why?

Happy day, dear reader!

Today’s a good day to throw myself on top of a pyre as a sacrifice to the gods of golf. For those of you who don’t play/follow/watch golf, the title might have you wondering. For the golf happy, you know what I mean. It’s a golf style trend that’s been around for a while, and you can always tell who’s in town for the tournament… We, although not golfophiles, live in Augusta, Georgia, the center of the golf universe in April. Every. Year. If you live in a tourist destination, you know what I mean. It’s the original love/hate relationship!

Disclaimer: I am not a golfer. I’m an Image, Wardrobe, and Color Consultant. I come at the issue from a purely style perspective, not that of a golf fan.

What White Belt? (For the non-golfer!)

Now I don’t mean white belt like a martial arts white belt. I’m talking about the white leather belt cum professional golfer look. I hear from men (Even young men!) all the time: “You have to match your belt and shoes.” Ergo: White golf shoes require a white golf belt. So white tennis shoes require the same. No, you do not have to match your belt and shoes. I hear the white belt is on the way out, and I can’t say I’m sorry, but there will still be hundreds of golf groupies sporting them about town. I’m even more thankful the huge buckles a la Anthony Kim are seeing their way out! A friend of mine says “It’s one of the ways you can tell someone isn’t from these-here-parts.”

The Good Old Days

Let’s so a little fashion history! The white golf belt harkens back to the the 1970’s when clothing tended toward lighter colors (pastels), and men matched their shoes and belts. The white belt with these lighter colors made some sartorial sense, but the white belt, black pants, and bright shirt look? This style has been trending for the past few years; the pros were rocking it, and everyone wants to look like a pro, right? Unfortunately, it’s not flattering for many. Unless you are tall and slender, want to shorten your torso, and draw attention to your waist: Just. Say. No.

What To Do Instead

When your top is white, a white belt visually lengthens the line of your torso. If your trousers are white or very light, the same white belt will visually lengthen your rise. A white belt also looks great tying together a white top with a bottom with white in the pattern, or vice versa. Either way, it’s a look for the slim and trim. If you are wearing non-white solids, choose a belt to coordinate with your shirt or trousers.

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Better Ways to Wear that White Belt

To choose, think about keeping the line long. If you have to wear that white belt, then pair it with a light trouser or shirt. When wearing shorts, try to keep the value of the shirt and shorts similar to prevent a half and half look. A 1:1 ratio is not good on anyone but a string bean who wants to look shorter and wider!

Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.
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When to Give the White Belt a Miss

If you are short or have a tummy (Or both!), give the white belt a miss (unless wearing it with head to toe white). Wear a long line of the same color, especially when wearing shorts! Keep your belt similar in color, or at least value to the rest of your ensemble. Trousers are a great way to get a longer line and a more flattering proportion.

I’ll get off my sartorial soapbox now. Awaiting the fallout.

Stylishly yours, but no golfer,


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      I was (And in many ways still am!) in the dark about most things golf! But living in one center of the golf universe has certainly been eye opening… Thank you so much for the visit!

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