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Why Am I So Dressed Up?

AKA: Why I don’t wear jammies to the store.

Happy day, dear reader!

I hope and pray that your day today is full of only pleasant surprises! I am still surprised by (Although it shouldn’t any more…) people asking me, “Why are you so dressed up?” The short answer is: Because it’s part of my personality! I’m not comfortable out and about in running shorts or jeans, tennis shoes, and a tee. I wear those to work out in or for yard work, but not for life. The same goes for lounge wear. I don’t want to hang out in lounge wear, and then rush around to change to go out. I’d rather be ready for whatever life may bring! I don’t want to miss out on the party because I’m not ready to go.

I get the question when I wear a dress to the grocery store.

And when I wear jeans.

Although, no one asks it when I’m really dressed up, like for a wedding, business event, or other affair, because the assumption is that you are on your way somewhere special. But for every day? YES! (I want to scream at them.) Why NOT? I woke up this morning. It’s worth celebrating!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because I wear “real” shoes, and I accessorize. Even in jeans and a tee…

And that’s okay! I am just being (and dressing) me. I don’t ask other people why they look like they are going to the gym. Or why they are wearing their pajamas to the grocery store. I wonder if their question is a variation on the the-nail-that-sticks-up-will-be-pounded-down thing. Crab Mentality. “If I can’t have it, neither can you…” But you can. Everyone can! Everyone is made to be their own special self. (Note to trolls: Make “special bus” jokes, and I’ll just delete them.)

I dress the way I do because I am special. I am the only me out there, and I am precious, and beloved. I was made to shine my shine. Not anyone else’s. So are you. Life is too short not to let your own personalized freak flag fly. And if I brighten up someone’s day in my crazy flower dress, or sparkly necklace because I am happy and smile at them, GREAT! That may be the only smile in their day.

When we moved here more than 11 years ago. I toodled to Target on an early spring evening; the weather was still cool. I was wearing black shorts with tights and flat boots, and a black sweater. I was happy (Albeit a little dark, but my coloring was much darker then, too!) and be-bopping about my business… And a group of four teenage girls pointed and snickered.

Flash back to high school. But instead of thinking “What’s wrong with me?” like we do when we are teenagers, all that came to mind was “What’s wrong with them?” And “Wow, are they bold.” Today, I might actually walk right up and ask them “What is so funny?” I have raised and taught teens, and they don’t scare me. And I am at a place in my life where I value kindness and honesty far more than ever before. If someone walking about being him or herself makes someone else feel “less than,” that’s a problem. A comparison problem. Of the person who feels “less than.” I’d like for everyone to feel comfortable, but it’s not my job to change me to suit you. My job is to be the best version of me. (Thank you, Matthew Kelly, for the phrase!) And my best version doesn’t dress like everyone else. And she be-bops.

We arrive again at the beginning… “Why am I so dressed up?” Because it makes me happy. And it makes me more of who He made me to be. I dress for me. And not for anyone else. Too many women and men are hiding. If you are hiding, stop. Come on out. Hold your head up high. Step out and claim your shine! There’s certainly no reason to be a crab…

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb and Shelbee at Shelbee on the Edge for the Link-Ups!

Also, thanks to Cherie at Style Nudge for her #shoeandtell Link-Up!




  • Kellyann Rohr

    Hi Liz! I found you on The Good Buy Good-bye post of Shelbee’s today and I had to hop over and check out your white boots. I have been on the hunt and just ordered a pair from Target – not sure if they’ll work or not but… Anyhow, I found this post and can totally relate. I just posted something similar not too long ago because people ask me all the time why I’m so dressed up. Like you I am not comfortable running out in a t-shirt and sneakers (unless it’s a graphic tee and they’re fashionable sneakers, lol). Loved reading this and just wanted to say hi!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you so much for coming on by for a visit, Kellyann! And “Hi!” right back at’cha. Sounds like we are kindred spirits. It’s all a matter of personality!

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