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Why just for special occasions?

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of June. Wedding season. And beautiful brides everywhere are slipping into the only custom fitted item they will ever wear. I know, every bride wants to look stunning, and unforgettable on her wedding day. But what about the other 364 days in the year? (Or 365 if it’s a leap year…) Why not all the rest of the years of her life?

At one time, all our clothing was custom fitted. We had less clothing, it fit us properly, and we looked better in it because it was made for us and our unique bodies. Now, I understand that buying custom-made clothing is not in the average budget, nor even in the generous budget, but what about tailoring off-the-rack items to fit like custom made? The clothes in the stores are not designed to fit you. They are designed to fit a fit model, so if you are a fit model, my apologies, they are designed to fit YOU, just not anyone else out there.

So why not take your off-the-rack items to the tailor or seamstress? Most people would say it’s not worth it. For those “fast fashion” fixes to be thrown out after a season, it’s probably not. But for those clothes you depend on day after day, be they your jeans, work trousers, jackets, blouses, quality tee shirts, try it!  Alterations/tailoring should be an expected part of your clothing budget. The extra you spend on tailoring just might keep you from feeling like you need a “better fitting” pair of black pants, bringing the total in your closet to five.

Shouldn’t the clothes you wear daily make you feel and look fabulous? Why only spend for the special occasions? You will most likely never wear that wedding dress again, but those favorite jeans or trousers are likely to see the light of day more than a hundred times this year. That’s the clothing worth investing in!

2017 JUN 14

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