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Why Whole 30?

Reset Your Relationship with Food

Happy day, dear reader!

How’s your 2019 going? How about now? When our youngest was small, he would ask repeatedly on your birthday if you were having a good one. “Are you having a good birthday?” “How about now?” “And now?” In the way families do, “How about now?” has become one of our catchphrases. A Klebba Katchphrase, if you like…

I am asking about your 2019, because we are at the part of the year when most resolutions have fallen by the wayside. That means there’s no time like the present to recommit! Last weekend, I did a workshop with the amazing Jennifer Beverage, a Women’s Freedom Mindset Coach. She took us through an activity that really got me thinking. I couldn’t possibly get into it here, but she had us imagining our future selves, the woman we want to be, and what she would say to the women we are now. It’s an incredibly powerful exercise and gave me the boost to jump back into a more Whole 30 way of eating.

Shrimp over Avocado with CauliRice Pilaf

What’s the Whole 30?

The Whole 30 is an eating reset, designed by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It’s not a diet. Yes, there are foods you do not eat for 30 days, but at the end of the 30, you reintroduce them in a way designed to test how you feel upon reintroduction. It’s meant to be a way to reestablish healthy habits with food, and determine what kinds of foods you may be sensitive to, or have issues with. I won’t kid you. It’s no walk in the park, but it is eminently do-able. You don’t need to buy anything special, no weird supplements, teas, or powders. Just real whole food. You can sign up for support, or do it on your own. There are cookbooks you can buy and plenty of free resources, too . You decide.

The white is a dairy free ranch made with mayo, coconut milk, and herbs!

The bare bones of the Whole 30 is: Eat only vegetables, meats, fruit and healthy oils for 30 days. That means no grains, pseudo-grains, starches, sugars, dairy, alcohol, additives or preservatives. Eat three meals a day and no snacks. Don’t weigh yourself for 30 days; Day One and Day 30 are all you need. Yes, you will be Jones-ing for sugar for a couple of days, and you will probably get a headache and feel lethargic for a few more if you are a carb-o-holic. You will read ingredient labels like a madman. None of these things are a problem. You will get past them. You will eat eggs. Lots of eggs!

Soft boiled eggs with Romesco sauce and fresh nectarines.

Why We Have Whole 30’d More Than Once

My better half and I have done the Whole 30 three times, and some mini-resets as well. Every time, I learn something new about my body, my connection with food, and what works best for me. I have discovered that I am sensitive to soy, which stinks, because soy is in almost all processed foods. (Even tuna. Go figure. But there is soy-free tuna… Thank you, Costco!) Now that I’m aware, I can make better choices. When I choose to eat something with soy, I understand the consequences, and can decide whether the consequence is worth it. Each time, the W30 reminds me of how much better I feel eating real food! It’s not about weight loss, although that is a benefit I won’t deny.

Tuna Salad made with homemade mayo, Red Pepper, and Avocado

Whole 30 Benefits

I already mentioned learning and weight loss, but there are other benefits to Whole 30 eating. On the website there is a list of what they call NSV’s, or Non-Scale Victories. I won’t list all mine here, but clearer skin and a brighter complexion was one I noticed in just a few weeks. My achy morning knees, feet and fingers were achy no more. Best of all, crazy-making food cravings and the afternoon slump completely disappeared.

Another W30 Perk is that we have explored new foods and found new loves. I make my own mayo now since it’s hard to find soy free mayonnaise. It’s quick and easy and tastes amazing! And let me sing you the joys of Romesco sauce. World changing. Literally. We also learned to make our own sausage (Chorizo, Italian, and Breakfast Style) with ground pork we buy from Publix and our own seasonings. Delish, and no nasty nitrates, nitrites, or sugar!

More eggs with Romesco sauce! (I can eat it off the spoon…)

Whole 30 eating also makes us better meal planners and preppers. It gets us into the habit of shopping and prepping on the weekend so that we have healthy, nutritious choices to work with already in the fridge. We spend more time together shopping and cooking. I’m a happy woman when I open the fridge to dinners half made on a weeknight!

Above are the veggies going into the oven to roast, and the final product of some time well spent in the kitchen: Roasted Asparagus, Shredded Taco Chicken (I make my own seasoning blend.) Roasted Carrots, Green Beans, Onions and Mushrooms, and Poached Chicken Breasts to use in salads or chicken salad for lunches.

An added perk is lots of veggie bits and chicken bones to make broth! Typically I will make broth on the stove, but sometimes the Crock-Pot is just the ticket! I’m looking forward to getting back on track to a happier and healthier me! Knowing I can, and that it is in my control feels fabulous and freeing. That means I am on my way to Food Freedom! Thank you, Melissa Hartwig!

How about you? Did you make any food resolutions for 2019? Have you ever done the Whole 30? What was your experience? Please share in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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