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Winter 2021 Bucket List

And Fall Bucket List Scorecard

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s that time again!

I’m not sure why I bother with these Bucket Lists. The past year feels like such a wash. Maybe two washes…

I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Maybe the whole point of this exercise is to acknowledge the mess and if you’re there, too, you can feel better and say See, Liz can’t get her stuff in a sock, either!

First a huge thank you to Leslie at Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After  for starting me on this seasonal adventure. I think…

Are you familiar with Red Car Syndrome?

It’s the experience where something of which you had previously been unaware keeps coming up on your radar? Everywhere.

James Clear is my red car. He’s finding me. Daily.

I’m starting to feel stalked.

Is the universe sending me a message?

I’ve been deep into James Clear’s Atomic Habits. Not only the book, but recently I caught his interview with Brene Brown on her Dare to Lead podcast, it’s a two-parter worth a listen. Warning: It’s Brene. There will be cussing. You can find Part One here. Hearing the two discuss habits and how we sabotage ourselves is uncomfortable. Have they been watching me?

Which has me pondering this…

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems

James Clear

Ouch. Maybe that’s what I need to rethink. Not goals or tick boxes but babysteps. Teeny tiny processes AND where I can piggyback them onto what I am already doing.


FALL 2021: Keep up the Couch to 5K as the mornings get darker. That’s going to be hard, but running is good for my mood (NOT during the run, mind you) and I am struggling with my mood lately. Even when I get nothing else done in a day, if I can get my exercise in, I feel like it hasn’t been a total loss. This went better than I thought. Another injury and some lousy weather derailed me, but I’m still feeling good about my progress. Not where I’d like to be, but better than I was before.

WINTER 2021/22: Move every day. That’s it. Keeping it simple. Maybe that’s a walk. Or a run. Or yoga. Or a swim. Yes, even on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. It doesn’t have to be big! I need to admit to myself that if it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, it’s unlikely to happen at all. #hardtruth


FALL 2021: We’ve been eyeing a gas fireplace insert. Maybe we’ll have better luck with that? (Than with the cabinets.)

I think what I need more than a remodel is an attitude remodel about our house… I’ve been taking our home for granted and it’s time to show her some more love of the everyday maintenance kind.

There’s a list of little jobs that need sorting. I need to stop waiting for someone else to take care of them. (Neither of us are particularly handy. I mean, I can remove a U-bend under the sink to extract a lost ring and put a new flapper in the toilet tank. I’m fabulous at hanging pictures. Mr. CP is great at cutting things in the garage with the big saw. But we just aren’t do-it-yourselfers.) AND I need to get another estimate for the exterior work we need done. If you are a praying person, please lift that one up. It’s ridiculous.

Got the estimate. Strange experience. He wouldn’t give me anything in writing until I paid a deposit on the verbal estimate. THAT’S not happening. Who does business like that? Fireplace insert ordered and we are awaiting delivery. (It’s a long wait.) Now to schedule the plumber for the gas and an electrician! As for the attitude adjustment, that’s coming along… Slowly.

WINTER 2021/22: Not processes, but schedule the electrician and the gas for the fireplace. As for processes? Stick with my daily zone cleaning schedule. That happens after getting up in the morning but before getting outside for exercise.


FALL 2021:  Get our pots planted and decorate the front porch for fall. I should be able to handle that, right? We also need to order new mulch… That’s a long shot, people. I DID plant our pots out back and spent a lot more time out on the back patio, eating lunch out there many an afternoon. That makes me very happy! Front porch was bedecked for fall. I’m working on holiday decor now. We still have our pumpkins out there… Orange and red is what I’m going with! No joy on mulch.

WINTER 2021/22: I think S’mores and hot cocoa around the fire pit might become our celebratory default for the next few months. Having a default is part of a process, right? Gotta check the firewood supply and get a few new cushion inserts to soften and warm the chairs.


FALL 2021: I have this fun book called 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf and it’s time to try out all 50! I won’t finish by the next post, but starting at the beginning and plugging away should be an interesting way to learn something new. Join me on Instagram to see the looks as I try them out! I suppose it’s a different kind of style challenge. As of writing, I’m close to the 50! I’ve learned some fun new ties, and have unequivocal proof that I don’t rock a headscarf.

WINTER 2021/22: I feel a 12X12 coming on… Other than that, it’s time to go through the shoe collection and release some back into the wild. Also, pulling together my suitcase and an outfit for the wedding. Packing I have a process for. Letting go of shoes? Need a better process for that! It really should happen at the same time I sort out my seasonal capsule… Note to self in calendar for February!

How About You?

Do you make seasonal lists? How did your most recent season go? Have you been following along on the Scarf Style Challenge? What would you like to get done this winter? (Or summer for my Southern Hemisphere friends!) Have you read Atomic Habits? What are your thoughts on process vs. goals? Do you like S’mores? Or do toasted marshmallows gross you out? I’ve heard there are people… Do let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Things were so crazy in my life around the time that I would normally have put together my winter bucket list that I never even thought of it. But once the dust settled and we all were able to catch our breath, I realized I had not created my list yet. So hope to get that done in the next week. Thanks for the mention!!

    We have really gotten off track in both exercise and healthy eating. It is hard to do either when you are stressed and traveling. But we are home now and I hope to get back to it this coming week. I like the idea of just moving. In some way. Every day. That should be easy enough, right?

    We use our gas fireplace (indoor) every day in the winter. I have the kitties beds positioned about two feet in front of it and they love curling up there to stay warm. I think you will love it once you get it in place.

  • Cathy in Missouri

    Got the estimate. Strange experience. He wouldn’t give me anything in writing until I paid a deposit on the verbal estimate. THAT’S not happening. Who does business like that?


    It’s not just you. That’s weird. Red Flag City – you already knew.


    I appreciate this post, Liz. Will listen to the Brene podcast when time permits – thank you.

    Hell hath (had) no fury like 2021. I didn’t expect to survive to Christmas but here I sit. Thank You, God. What do You have in mind for coming days …? The only way to find it out is one day at a time.

    “The years teach much which the days never knew.”

    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I like your framework, what you’re thinking through. I appreciate your pondering and sharing about goals and plans and your thoughtful evaluation.


    Influenced by Ginger in Boston, another color / fashion / style / personal expression / wardrobe artistry writer I enjoy:

    I’m going out of my way to say, “Mistakes are not the point. Learning is the prize. Mistakes are education worth making and growing and learning from. Beating myself up is worthless and counterproductive.”


    Not quoting – Ginger said it better. But that’s what she meant.

    It seemed like I might live (again) so I stopped thinking funerals and cleaned out a closet. I got rid of everything I’ve slowly learned are Death Colors. You can Scarf Save or Jewelry Fix a color sometimes — but if a shade says Death I don’t really want it staring at me.

    Past life, I would have beaten myself up – at least briefly – usually NOT briefly – for Not Knowing Sooner – and the $ spent Not Knowing.

    I hate buying that winds up in failure. Waste makes me irritated. Ever since Dave Ramsey said “Stupid Tax” about ill-advised purchases, I can’t stop thinking STUPID TAX when the pile of rejects is big.

    But thanks to Ginger – and you – and this post – I said, “LOOK HOW MUCH I LEARNED. SOMEONE ELSE CAN BENEFIT FROM MY MISTAKES. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER ??”

    My goal is zero misplaced guilt. I’m not there yet.

    But: Ginger (and Liz!!) say: Perfection Is Not The Goal either!

    Preach Liz and Ginger.

    xo CiM

    • Liz K

      What a fabulous RW Emerson quote, Cathy! I don’t think I’d ever heard that one; thank you for sharing. Your comment was going along so intensely until you dropped “Death Colors” on me, and I collapsed in laughter! You’ve totally rearranged my brain with new vocabulary. Camel is one of my Death Colors; what’s one of yours? I’m with you about waste. AND dumping the guilt. I find the Marie Kondo thanking trick works well–Thanking the item for its service or in this case the lesson it taught seems to lessen the guilt. Wishing you a 2022 filled with peace, joy and no guilt!

      • Cathy in Missouri

        I’m with you – camel is one of my Death Colors, too! And pale blush – really MOST pale pastels look like Death on me. I haven’t found a shade of grey that’s friendly to my skin/hair, either. Some of my best colors are turquoise and a rich azure blue – or teal, which I guess looks good on most people (from what I read). Much of my closet is blues and greens, although that’s not a “rule.” I’ve just ended up there because it’s where I feel the best and happiest.

        Thank you for being an important part of my color and fashion and style education, Liz! 🙂

        • Liz K

          Teal is a universal because it straddles the line between warm and cool. You might want to try red-violet, too, for the same reason! Thank you for letting me know I’m a part of your style journey, Cathy!

          • Cathy in Missouri

            If you’re in the market for “Post Requests” – I would love one on the red-violet you mentioned above. I’ve seen lots of posts scattered about here and there on the Universal Teal – but I don’t recall one on the red-violet. I’m trying to picture which shade, exactly, you mean…and there are so many I don’t know which one to investigate. Just a topic I’d love to hear more about if you have a spare post lying around somewhere. Perhaps the archives are my friend, here ? 😉

            Thanks 🙂


  • Juhli

    Great points Liz and I agree about small Steps. I’m finding that some overarching goals plus monthly little goals or to do items in each category is keeping me moving forward better as the pandemic drags on. Loved s’mores as a kid and need to find a way to make them again.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for popping by, Juhli! Have you always been a S’mores fan? I’ve loved them since I was a girl, and introduced our boys to them when we first took them camping. My husband on the other hand, thought toasted marshmallows sounded disgusting and took some time to convert, but he’s ALL in now! When the weather is icky or we don’t have a fire, I’ll make a S’more under the broiler! I have a friend who toasts marshmallows over her gas range. Where there’s a will…

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